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Super Pierced – Rolf Buchholz

One man’s obsessions with the needle has taken him very far from the way that he originally looked, and has now made him the most pierced man in the world. Rolf Buchholz absolutely loves the feeling of getting a new piercing, and that buzz has led him from one, to five, to four hundred and fifty three piercings. Yes, you read that correctly: 453 piercings.

When you look at a photograph of Rolf, it is all too easy to become transfixed with the sheer number of piercings around his mouth, nose and eyes. They look almost too many to count, but of course, Rolf has kept a record. That is why we can tell you that he has ninety four piercings just in and around his lips, and eight in his nose. There are over thirty in his ears, two in his tongue, and three in his nipples. The area of his body where he has the most piercings, however, is probably the last place that most people would want them: in his genitalia. He has two hundred and seventy eight down there…which we didn’t even realise was possible.


One big ass magnet would ruin that guys day. Phone Post 3.0

what a prick...

Too each there own I guess

but C'mon Man!

Don't make fun of Mookie. Phone Post 3.0

I bet it sucks going through airport security. Phone Post 3.0

i was curious if he has a job

google said:

No Title

Is what too much?

Harlem Savoy - One big ass magnet would ruin that guys day. Phone Post 3.0
Haha fell out if my damn chair. VU Phone Post 3.0

Somebody had a "hand-sie" uncle! Phone Post 3.0