Took a free AIDS test today

and also gave blood in the process.

This was my first time, so I wasn't sure what to expect. It wasn't bad, took about 45 minutes total.

Some highlights:

There was a little radio blaring Jodeci and other old school love making songs.

While waiting to be screened, a hot chick walked in. She was probably early 20s and looked to have a decent body. She had a lot of tats, though, which made me wonder if she was a stripper. After finishing my screening I looked for her in the blood donating circle and she never made it. I figure she got rejected for herpes or syphilis or something.

The nurses were all complete bitches, for some reason. The head nurse especially. I told her it was my first time, expecting to drum up casual conversation, but was instead belittled somewhat for not donating before. She said "I've been donating since I was in high school" in a bitch tone just to rub it on in. Perhaps they deal with a lot of dumbasses.

Overall I rate it a 7 out of 13. I'll do it again, but maybe at a different venue.

I'll update if I get a call.

No news is good news it said in the pamphlet.

There were a SHITLOAD of disqualifying circumstances. Way more than I would have expected. If you've been to England for an extended amount of time, you might as well forget it. Lady told me it was due to mad cow disease, but I know it actually due to all the homosex they engage in.

I didn't eat a candy bar, I had some trail mix.

A lady volunteer told me there was a full buffet across the hall, but she was in her 90s and had been rambling on a bit so I wasn't sure whether or not to take her seriously. Plus, the hot chick got screened out so I didn't really have any desire to go sit around with a bunch of strangers just for the free meal.