Took pic of chick's NICE ASS @ Store!

this Bish was about fuckig MILF. Tight, toned body, well groomed, nice tight workout clothes...

I actually followed her arounf Marshalls for about 15 minutes....the security guy started looking at me all wierd but FUCK HIM!


Luckily, I got in line to purchase my Puma socks right behind her



I just HAD to take pics for the OG.

Clearly a dude

Butt where’s the ass?

I’m glad she’s in black with the light in front of her. I didn’t actually want to see her ass

That's a dude. 


I know it's the OG and all but please save the tranny posts for after midnight


dude has wide shoulders

I don't see the ass..

Did Loss Prevention apprehend anyone for stealing her ass?

is that really a great ass?  don't be fooled by yoga/ spandex pants.  they will turn a 7 into a 9.5.

Shoulder to ass ratio is suspect bro

How can you have an ass without hips? There's a straight line from "her" back to her legs.

if I couldve lowered the camera more, for a more direct angle, it wouldve been way better

That twink tucks. 

That is a pathetic ass.  


You should see some of the women at my gym.  Getting to see them is a great motivator to get to the gym on a regular basis.

Swims 100 meters in less than a minute.

*spits on the floor*

I’ve seen more ass in a Passive Jay DDP Yoga pics thread. 

In the words of Principle Skinner: