took the civic to the track

so i took my civic to the track last night. I wasnt gonna race at first but
then i deciced what the hell so i paid the extra money and ran it a few
times. my best e.t was 16.873. woohoo! i ran that time against a v6 auto
camaro. it was a lot of fun even though my car is slow as crap.

Cool, fair play man. Having a laugh is the most important part of the game as far as I'm concerned.

Gonna be putting in some track time myself soon:-)

its a single cam manual vtec. i just bought a vtec controller and short
shifter. i know it wont be fast but its just fo r fun so its cool.

actually this is the 1/4. i know its surprising. i was shocked as well. i was
actually expecting to run in the 19's or 20's so it really was a surprise.

forget that.. as long as your not a smog-strict state like Cali, go for a swap.

right now i dont have the time or money to do a swap. i am in shool and only working part time. i thought about nitrous but i dont want to blow out my bottom end.

sounds good. i may do it. if i do ill let ya know.

You need more stickers.

J/k.  Last time I was at the track I had a really good run with a Civic.  It was 1/8 mile; I ran an 8.1 and he wasn't but about a legnth or two behind me.  I'm pretty sure he missed a gear too.

ive actually been looking at some turbo kits. edellbrock makes one
with a garret turbo and it comes with new intake manifold fuel rails
intercooler tial blow off and obvioulsy the tirbo. i think its about 3k. i
also thought about the under the car turbo. does anyone know
anything about those. i think its made by a company called sts turbo.

Have you looked here?