TOOL for sale!

yeah, i know, against the rules....

i have the salival live set from tool. goes to the highest bidder.

if you care, send and email to


Thats it, I'm calling the cops!

Is this a bootleg or something?

If so you might have more luck trading than selling, try this place:

nope, not a bootleg. not looking to trade, but thanks for the url anyway man.


So, how is the album and why is is so expensive?

its a pretty good collection of live songs, with a booklet of artwork and a vhs containing all their videos. it has 3 never released studio works, and is a great album. the thing is, they only made a limited amount (not sure how many, not much) and it will never be rereleased. i dont really want to part with it, but ive been hearing it has went for as much as 400 dollars on ebay, so i thought i would give it a try. fuck, i dont love it THAT much, lol.

thanks for the pic das. i used it on my OG version!