top 10 at 205

The Vitor-Randy fiasco has done an interesting thing to the rankings at 205. Honestly, after watching the fight, I felt that the fight proved ABSOLUTELY NOTHING either way for either fight. It goes down as a win for Vitor and a loss for Randy. But the fight meant nothing.

And pretty much everything I've read indicates that just about everyone else agrees. I've seen one or two blatant troll posts saying that it was legit and Vitor should be commended for dismantling the champ so quickly or some similar nonsense, but I don't think I've heard a single person seriously say the fight meant anything at all.

But the few new and updated 205 top 10's I've seen all have the #1 and #2 spots going to Vitor and Silva, with Randy no higher than 3rd.

Before the fight, EVERYONE had Silva and Couture at #1 and #2 or vice versa. I do not understand this?

My current top 10 at 205

1)Vanderlei Silva

2)Randy Couture

3)Quinton Jackson

4)Tito Ortiz

5)Vitor Belfort

6)Ricardo Arona

7)Chuck Liddell




Mino at #10?

That's Mini-Mino...the one who just beat Sakuraba. We're talking 205 here, not heavies.

"That's Mini-Mino...the one who just beat Sakuraba. We're talking 205 here, not heavies."

i know it's mini ten though?

Minoto, back up your statement. Did you read my post? Do you really think that the fight with Couture was enough to propel Belfort from the #5 or 6 spot to #2? Do you really think that Randy's 'loss' to Belfort should drop him in the rankings?

That #10 spot is wide open I think. I picked Minotoro, but I could have easily gone with, say, Ninja or Franklin. But Franklin is coming off a loss to an unknown, and Ninja hit quite a rough patch and is now getting back on track fighting tomato cans.

"lidell should be above belfort. That fight wasnt that long ago"

no, but that fight was very close, and since then Chuck is 1-2 with 3 poor performances, whereas Belfort caused the most viscious cut in the history of the sport over Eastman's eye, and then went on to win the UFC title (albeit by a fluke.)

They look good to me.

But I am someone who believes a win is a win. Wether it be by crystal clear submission or one fighter has a heart attack 3 seconds into the fight. A win is a win. I have Belfort at 2 and Couture at 3.

It's not that simple. You have to evaluate the performances. By your theory, the rankings could be done totally mathematically, the fighter with the best record is #1. Phillip Miller rules the 185 division because he's, what, 16-0? Bustamante has a few losses on his record, so by your logic Miller clearly deserves a higher ranking.

I'm not trying to bust your balls, just pointing out that it's not so simple as counting wins and losses.

Randy Couture dropped down to 205 after losing 2 fights in a row at heavyweight. Then he beats Liddell and Ortiz and jumps up to #1 or #2 on everybody's lists. It's not THAT Randy beat them that made him rise so quickly, it's HOW he beat them. He thoroughly dominated both guys, no contraversy, no questions asked. If Randy had gotten by Chuck on a real close split decision that could have gone either way, and then beaten Tito because Tito twisted his ankle walking to the center of the octagon at the opening bell, people wouldn't have put Randy right at #1 or #2. Near the top, sure...but a fluke win simply is not as meaningful as a strong performance.

Another example is that, if you had to do a top 50 ranking before Pride MW Grand Prix, Yoshida probably would not be found anywhere near the top 20. Nobody thought he was legit, most if not all of his wins looked fishy. It was not until LOSING to Silva that Yoshida proved to the MMA world that he is indeed for real. He probably went into the top 15 just based on that LOSS. You can't just simplify it to wins and losses, you have to evaluate each performance based on how well the fighter did, quality of opposition, etc.

ttt for Bradu...a smart man

Jeremy Horn #1.

Jeremy Horn is God!

That is all.


"It goes down as a win for Vitor and a loss for Randy. But the fight meant nothing."

I agree the only thing I could see it doing is moving Randy to 2 and putting silva at one but Vitors should stay where he was which is arguably 5-7.

The fight was only a week ago and was a win for Vitor. He should be above Couture.

Looks like a good list to me although I think I would change the #10 spot.

1. Silva
2. Couture
3. Jackson
4. Belfort
5. Ortiz (needs to stop dodging fights)
6. Lidell
7. Arona
8. Henderson
9. Horn
10. "Ninja" Rua

I think wether the fights would take place in a ring or a cage would make a difference on the outcome of some of these matchups, hence, effecting the rankings but this is where its at IMO.

"Statistically speaking" Arona is 7th?
Oh good god.

Arona easily has the best statistical record at 205.
The only knock people can come up with for him is that he is boring, or often injured.

If we're statistically speaking, it doesn't matter if he's boring because he wins, plain and simple.

As far as being injured too much, despite injuries, he's still fought more often than Belfort or Ortiz in the last few years.

Statistically speaking everyone you listed above Arona has recently lost, (some more than once), except for Vanderlei.

That leaves us to examine the opponents of Silva and Arona.

So it's:

Kanehara, Horn, Ximu Machado, Mezger, Henderson, and Ninja


Cro Cop (draw), Tatsuya Iwasaki, Kanehara, Sakuraba, Yoshida, and Jackson.

check the statistical records of those list and you'll find Arona's opponents are better.

A true "statistically speaking" top 10 would be;

Arona, Ricardo (200)

Silva, Vanderlei (205)

Gono, Akihiro (199)

Franklin, Rich (205)

Sobral, Renato (205)

Jackson, Quinton (205)

Liddell, Chuck David (205)

MacDonald, Jason (205)

Mahood, Bill (205)

Belfort, Vitor (205)

1. Silva

2. Couture

3. Rampage

4. Tito

5. Vitor

6. Arona

7. Chuck

8. Hendo

9. Babalu

10. Franklin

I dunno how people can put Horn and not Babalu in the top 10. Babalu won the biggest MMA tourney in years and beat Horn in the process. The UFC should bring him back.

1 Silva
2 Couture
3 Jackson
4 Henderson (never seen him fight under 185)
5 Ortiz
6 Belfort
7 Liddell
8 Ninja
9 Arona
10 Babalu

belfort should not be ranked higher. so he"won" he didn't do anything. but if you wanna go with -he beat that , but that guy beat that, who beat that guy who beat that guy who beat that guy go ahead...still think this rank system is jacked...
For example:
1)couture vs belfort I(couture destroys the phenom)
2)belfort vs. silva (belfort ko/tko silva)
3)tito vs silva (tito by dec.)
4)chuck vs belfort(chuck by dec.)
5)randy vs chuck(randy tko)
6)randy vs tito(randy maj. Dec)
7)randy vs vitor II(belfort by glove cut)
-ok now figure your system out.

Why do you people think the UFC will not develop the LHW division. There are a number of top LHW's out here that could really mix things up!! (myself, Mahood, Forest, Sonnen, bring back Babalu, Lister and many more) They are bringing in MW's,WW's (Lee, Jackson, Diaz, Crow, Rivera and others) What's up? The IFC proved how exciting the LHW's are. Not many more combinations of Belfort,Ortiz,Lidell and Couture you can match up. BRING IN SOME NEW LHW'S!!!!