Top 10 biggest upsets in Canada 03

with all the contreversy going around, I thought it would be good to throw something a little off topic out. Here are my top 10 biggesst upsets in Canada in 2003.

10) Laflamme def Peters (UCC 12 & TKO 13)
Laflamme pulled off 2 close calls in beat the Gatekeeper of the TKO

9)Cote def Pellerin (TKO 13)
Cote put on a clinic in defeating the much more experienced Pellerin by Dec.

8)Mahood def MacDonald (MFC 7)
Mahood redeemed himself in a rematch with the undefeated MacDonald winning by TKO in RD:2

7)MacDonald def Castro (Adrenaline 1)
Arguably the best LHW defeates the best HW by rear choke in RD:2

6)Hamzeh def Brigham (AFC 1)
Hamzeh wins a Unanimous dec over Brigham who was coming off a win over Hamzeh's trainer Max Marin

5)Vigneault def Andre (UCC 12)
Vignealut wins a dec over UFC vet Jermaine Andre in a war

4)Frederickson def Bruckman (MFC 6)
Previously unknown Frederickson beats former UCC champ Bruckmann by Sub in RD:1

3)St.Pierre def Spratt (TKO 14)
Canadian champ walks thru 3time UFC vet by rear choke in RD:1

2)Cote def Vigneault (TKO 14)
Even though Cote was much bigger he KO'd the man with an iron chin and wins the Canadian Title

1)Castro def Severn (MFC 6)
Nobody gave Castro a chance, but he dominated the UFC legend in a Unanimous Dec.

feel free to add anymore upsets that I forgot

doesnt sound like upsets ,seems like the guys who won trained hard to get where they are and beat there opponnents, its amazing how much better you can get if you put in 150% effort into your training,an up set means a fluke I dont believe these were this sport one mistake is all it takes to win or lose that is the best thing about it.

mrmeoggi: Upsets aren't defined as flukes. They're defined as the person/team who was expected to lose ended up winning.