Top 10 Fights of All Time?

What are the top 10 boxing matches ever, to you personally. Not just for the match, necessarily, but maybe also because of the hype around it too or wahtever. I'm working on mine, and i'll post it in a bit, but i'll go ahead and tell you #1 is Gatti/Ward 1

1. Thrilla in Manila

2. Hagler-Hearns

3. Ward-Gatti I

4. Chacon-Limon IV

5. Bowe-Holyfield I

6. Chacon-Edwards II

7. Barerra-Morales I

8. Leonard-Hearns

9. Robinson-Gatti I

10. Rumble in the Jungle

#1 Jack Dempsey vs. Luis Firpo: My all time favorite!!!!, if there is ever a convincing reason to make the 3 knockdown rule obsolete this is it.

#2: Ward vs. Gatti I: You would swear it was scripted!!! The movies couldn't have put together a better fight. I was standing the whole time.

#3: Hagler vs. Hearns: This fight was in the record books before the first round ended.

#4: Trevor Berbick vs. Mike Tyson: Ever said in school "I'll hit you so hard that you'll fall down 3 times!"? Well Tyson actually did it.

#5: Louis vs. Schmeling II: Sweet redemption while Hitler and the rest of the world expected Schmeling to repeat his first feat.

#6: Dempsey vs. Tunney: Duh!!!, Dempsey.....long count....Dempsey......Tunney......long count.

#7: Ward vs. Gatti III: These guys are rock 'em sock 'em robots. Gatti with a busted hand still puts up a better fight than many w/ 2!!!!

#8: Clay vs. Liston: Wasn't supposed to happen this way. You were supposed to be so scared of Liston that you lost before the first round started. Bonus: the Phantom punch!!

#9: Ali vs. Foreman: EVERYONE was crumbling under the sheer power of Foreman. Ali was supposed to as well.

#10: Fenech vs. Nelson I: How many punches can 2 humans throw in a bout?!?!?!?!

If I thought more, I would probably pick some more fights that probably deserve to be in this top ten, but it's too early to think much!!!

No order, but some.

Ali Foreman

Foreman Lyle

Mancini Kim

Ali Frazier 3

Cooney Norton

Holmes Norton

Holmes Cooney

Duran Sugar Ray1

Leonard Hearns 1 and 2

Hagler Hearns

Hagler Mugabi

Duran Barkley

Shit, once I get started it is hard to stop

Some of my favorites:

MAB vs. Morales I

Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield I

Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Meldrick Taylor

Michael Carbajal vs. Humberto Gonzales I

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My favorite match of all time was Johnny Tapia/Danny Romero.It had a greta back story too it and these guys took it personal and fought toe to toe the whole time

Hagler x Hearns

"Benn vs McClellan"

:(, that fight is a damn shame

Pryor-Arguello I. The second one wasn't bad either.

"Number 1 is Barrera-Morales"

Can't argue with that.

Benn vs McClellan (tragic outcome, but isn't it the extremities of the sport that intrigue us?)

Hagler vs Minter (just a clinical, brutal destruction by Hagler)

Hagler vs Mugabi

Hearns vs Schuler (technique!!!!!)

Dempsey vs Willard

Ali vs Foreman

Barrera vs Hamed

Jones vs Sosa

Sorry... I'd type more but I am completely wasted.