Top 10 HW's since 1970

Based on;

Accomplishments and Skills;

  1. Muhammad Ali

  2. Evander Holyfield

  3. George Foreman

  4. Larry Holmes

  5. Lennox Lewis

  6. Mike Tyson

  7. Joe Frazier

  8. Riddick Bowe

  9. Kenny Norton

  10. Jimmy Young

Based on Superstar Status or Drawing ability;

  1. Muhammad Ali

  2. Mike Tyson

  3. Evander Holyfield

  4. George Foreman

  5. Joe Frazier

  6. Larry Holmes

  7. Riddick Bowe

  8. Lennox Lewis

  9. Gerry Cooney

  10. Ken Norton

Tyson, Frazier, and Bowe belong a lot closer to the top.

Foreman has to be 2nd to Ali for superstar status and drawing ability due to that damn George Foreman grill.

Rickson by armbar