Top 10 Lightweight Pistols Under 25 Ounces Carry

Made a bit ago, so only real changes are Delta now has Gen 2 Optics Ready (Best buy there is IMO), Hellcat came out, and Baller on a Budget quick alternative mention G3C over G2C now.  I started with two tiny pocket bugs for backup or non-permissive work environments then get into the real Top 10.  Generally Newbies don't consider weight like they should and thought this could help some lurkers on here.

And for Revolver Love Top 5 Carry Revolvers people have loved this vid as I've gotten better with editing etc. 

This is bigger or heavier primary carry revolvers not Pocket Guns which I will be doing in near future.

Lot's of lurkers....give it a comment if any of these you forgot about or didn't know about and it might help you carry everyday.  Thanks