Top 10 MMA business stories in 2012

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                                Top 10 MMA business stories in 2012

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                    <p>, which awesomely analyses MMA through the prism of business, has published a series on the top-10 MMA stories of 2012.</p>

No. 10 – Injuries continue to plague fight cards
No. 9 TUF moves to Fridays on FX; poor ratings move it to Tuesdays for 2013
No. 8 Zuffa continues international expansion
No. 7 the UFC-Fox relationship
No 6 Nike sponsors Silva, Jones and dos Santos
No. 5 GSP returns
No. 4 Bellator moves to Spike TV
No. 3 Ronda Rousey signs with the UFC
No. 2 The end of Strikeforce
No. 1 What do you think the #1 MMA business story of 2012 is going to be?

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What do you think the other big business stories in MMA were in 2012?

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anderson silva signing a 10 fight contract