1. Ricco Rod

  2. Paul Buentello

  3. Antonio Silva

  4. Daniel Gracie

  5. Ron Waterman

  6. Dan Bobish

  7. Tom Erickson

  8. Bas Rutten

  9. Ruben Villareal

  10. Bobby Hoffman

  11. Andre Roberts

  12. Don Frye

  13. ?

Not sure who still qualifies as UFC or Pride but...

  1. Jeff Monson

  2. Ibragim Magomedov

  3. Devin Cole

  4. Edson Draggo

  5. Justin Eilers

  6. Paul Buentello

  7. Brian Olsen

  8. Antonio Silva

  9. Travis Fulton

  10. Ryoto Machida

Ben Rothwell has got to be in there somewhere

umm..i dunno about ricco being #1

Didn't Paul knock out Eilers at some point this year (maybe last?)

Brian Olsen cracks the top ten because Kyle nearly illegally killed him?

I think Ben Rothwell has got to be at the top of the list. Is anybody in IFL a threat to him?


Ben Rothwell also has a nice win over Dan Bobish (SHW). Machida is not a heavyweight. Is Monson's contract over? If so:

  1. Jeff Monson

  2. Bas Rutten

  3. Paul Buentello

  4. Ibragim Magomedov

  5. Ben Rothwell

  6. Wes Simms

  7. Justin Eilers

Throwing in Superheavies:

  1. Eric Pele

  2. Antonio Silva

  3. Rob Broughton

Wasn't it Roger Gracie who just easily beat Waterman?

And I'd have Goodridge above Frye.

Mario rinaldi for sure

That list is not legit without Mario "Big Hurt" Rinaldi.

Big Perm....

He's the black guy on the left~ he's fighting on the Shamrock/Gracie Showtime card.

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Ok, guys try to make a top 10 list, Don't just throw names up there, but where they belong skill wise and record wise.


Rothwell is beast

Mario Rinaldi without a doubt belongs in the top ten

who cares


Mario Rinaldi should be way up on that list.

He's a beast.

LOL at Wes being no 6 in someone's list and Daniel Gracie not making the cut. Daniel choked him out. And would have easily won the fisrt except he was waiting to be put back down on the ground when Wes knocked him out, and he still won THAT fight.