Top 10 Overpaid Athletes: No 6 -- FEdor.

"“The Last Emperor” turned down a six-fight deal with UFC worth $30 million. He passed on an epic pay-per-view showdown behemoth with Brock Lesnar.

Instead, Fedor Emelianenko signed with Strikeforce so he could copromote his bouts. “Fedor is a f*cking joke,” UFC president Dana White fumed. “He turns down a huge deal and the opportunity to face the best in the world to fight nobodies for no money!”

Trust that Emelianenko will cash in on his Strikeforce deal -- but he won’t earn that money by facing the very best MMA opponents."

lol @ using statements by Dana White as a source! =

 impossible to overpay fedor

" ="

No, not a fake link.

LOL at calling someone the most overpaid and not even knowing what they are paid! Especially when in their next sentence they said that he actually took a deal that pays him less money than what he had been offered by the UFC.

sparkuri -  Breaking news:  You're retarded

Breaking news: I didn't write the article, dipshit.

Dana White as an unbiased source.. lol. I thought the 30m offer was debunked as well. I guess you can't expect high end journalism from askmen.

Completely idiotic article written by someone who knows nothing about sports. Fedor is sanwiched between Michael Vick, who is making $1.6 million, or roughly 1% of his team's salary cap, and Trevor Ariza, who is making about $6 million a year, or roughly 10% of his team's salary cap. These are completely normal numbers for a back-up QB with starting experience and a guy you expect to be your starting small forward; for them to make the top 10 list in all of sports shows how little information the writer actually knows.