Top 10 Reality based martial arts

OK all you forum members out there, I would like for all of you to give me your top 5 choices of reality based martial arts that one should study for effective street self defense and the 5 top choices for ring combat.You can use the same ones if you feel they fit into both categories!

I thought we had left that debate behind like 5 years
ago...(but I'm bored and I'll bite)...didn't people
conclude MIXED martial arts was the way to go.
I think what works in the ring today(K1,UFC,PRIDE)
also works in the street. Yes there is eye poking and
fish hooking etc.that isn't applied but if you're a
trained fighter (which I think is more appropiate
today than saying a martial artist) and you have a
scrap on the street, I think you'd flip into survival
mode pretty damn quick and dismantal your opponent
without the need for eye pokes etc. Trust me, when
your taken down by, lets say a trained cop and you
know nothing, the cop doesn't need to poke your eye or
toe punt you in the nuts. That stuff is probably best
used by women who would need it because of there lack
of strength and KO power.
Anyone one who trains knows that a good ground game
and a good standup game is the key.
Depends entirely on the person which forms of striking
and grappling suits personal choices are
(drum roll please) BJJ, Wrestling, Kick Boxing,Judo
and some form of wheelchair takedowns. BTW, that was
in no particular order.

BJJ, wrestling, boxing, judo, muay particular order

That combo sounds like a good MMA fighter to me.


Brazilian Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Boxing, and Jeet Kune Do(although it isn't really a style). I would probably also throw in Judo, Sambo, Daidojuku, and Kyokushin Karate.

Boxing, Wrestling, Muy Thai, and BJJ. A good right cross or left hook to your opponent chin is the equivalent to any eye poke.

Fighting is fighting.

It doesn't matter what you call it as long as you sparr realistically.


I can fuck anyone up with a ninja star!

wrestling wrestling wrestliwrestling wrestling wrestling and i m just trolling here lol

Street Defense:
In order of best choices for someone that could only choose one

1 San Shou - Striking with punches, kicks, elbows, knees, clinch, plus taledowns

2 Judo - Throws from clinch, sweeps, pickups, etc. plus basic sub skills

3.5 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - advanced sub skills but no takedowns

3.5 Muay Thai - striking with punches, kicks, elbows, knees

5. Boxing - striking with array of punches

Since you can't succeed in MMA with just one art, a mix of the following 5 would be best

BJJ, San Shou, Wrestling, Sambo, catch

I notice that there are no weapon arts listed here, which makes me wonder.

Do many people here think that weapons are not a potential factor in a street fight? Or is it that many believe that their unarmed skills will prevail over, say a glass bottle, a knife, or perhaps a gun?

As a result, for street defense, I would add kali/escrima or any other type of knife fighting art and some training with handguns (though not a "martial art").


What do you think I meant by "sparring realistically"

my reply was not geared towards you. It was more for people listing unarmed martial arts.

However, if I must answer your question, I suppose "sparring realistically" is sparring in situations in a realistic manner, which would hopefully include armed and unarmed combat.

All the usual suspects are useful; boxing, muay thai, wrestling, bjj. On top of that i would say judo, kali, perhaps fencing and, dont laugh, rugby would all be useful for the street.

Also, anyone who thinks dirty tricks (ie eye gouges, biting, etc) arent useful for the streets is living in a fantasy land.

eye gouges, bites etc. work but if you are a trained
fighter you could lay in a few muay thai round house
kicks to the leg then clinch and submit. Wouldn't you
rather do that than stick your fingers in an eye or
bite some punk you have no idea where they have been?
Most street fighters are usually loaded, have no
conditioning (which is the key) and can't fight
anyway...they are just bullies whose egos grew from
the highschool playground. That said, as for weapons,
in the street I doubt you'd find a skilled stick
fighter..becasuse they'd be too busy training.
However, I'd rather use a nine iron than anything.
(Ben Hogan of course)

I forgot about San Shou, thats a good art too. Kali is a good art for weapon defense, and maybe kendo or kenjutsu, just use anything around you that is long in place of a sword since carrying one will get you arrested.

1. A gun and knowing how to use it.

a gun for weapons for sure

Surprised no one mentioned the SPEAR system! ( - The Sucker Punch Drill, Emotional Climate Drills, and Demystifing the Street Fight will open so many doors. Once the initial attack is stopped...then what ever skills you have to get you through the confrontation as long as you have prepared realistically (

My preferences:
2. MMA
3. Muay Thai
4. BJJ
5. Sambo