Top 10 Strikers in MMA

.5) OMA

1) Manny Reyes

2) ICFL President

3) Karate Man

4) TBA

5) TBD

6 - 10) Everyone else

Tim Sylvia gets an honorable mention but Duane Ludwig and Mark Hominick don't? I'd say Vanderlei and Liddel's reputations as strikers are artificially inflated by being matched up with people who can't strike back for most of their careers.

somebody tell the fuckin moron who wrote that drivel that Professional Boxers do NOT wear 16 oz gloves.. (cept in sparring)

16 oz gloves for sparring. 8-10 oz for fighting. Hard for me to want to read the rest of the article, and I like Wombat :)

Luudwig & Hominick are among the best strikers in MMA but this is supposed to be a listing of "hard hitters" ... Hominick didn't look like a hard hitter gainst Gurgel.

Semtex is up there


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