Top 10 win streaks in UFC history?

Number of wins, finishing ability and quality of competition all factor in IMO. Anderson ran through a lot of killers to get to 16-0 and he had a couple LHW wins in there and was willing to fight the champ below him as well. Is Anderson’s 16-0 still the best win streak in UFC history?

11-0 Oliveira here has a chance to move to 12-0 if he beats Makhachev and then 13-0 if he beat Volkanovski and for him to have beat Lee, Tony, Chandler, Poirier, Gaethje, Makhachev and Volkanovski…plus all the wins and finishes before that. I’d say that would be nough to put Oliveira right there close to #1 but you really would have to put his streak side by to next to Anderson’s.

If not top 10, what are the current top 5 win streaks in UFC fight history?


I don’t see how anyone could argue against this. Not only did he clear out his own division but he had 3 first round KOs at LHW as well. One being against the former LHW champion in one of the most spectacular looking KOs ever


Johnson’s 13-0 streak is up there. Almost made it 14 but Henry got the W. Hell if DJ got that W and never left, he might be at 20-0 by now.

It was great to see how he performed vs Rodtang in the mixed rules fight and then in the rematch with Moraes, finishing with that flying knee.


GSP had a 13-0 streak after the Serra loss and of course Khabib had his 13-0 streak.

Usman just went 15-0.

Jones would be 22-0 but he has that Hamill “loss” in there and the NC for pissing hot vs DC in the second fight. So even with that “L” and the NC, Jones still has a 13-0 on the official books.

Cruz has a joint WEC/UFC 12-0 streak.

Aldo’s joint WEC/UFC streak is 15-0.

JDS had an incredible 9-0 streak by UFC HW standards. Probably the best ever for the UFC HW division.


And of those 16 wins, Anderson had 14 finishes. The two decision wins came from Demian Maia and Thales Leites

I know we don’t like “could have/would have/should haves” around here but does anyone think Anderson couldn’t have finished them had he wanted to?

14 finishes of 16 wins is already impressive enough, but imagine if it woulda been 16 finishes. Yeah that 16 fight win streak is the most impressive

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Too bad we did not get the Anderson vs Jones fight in 2011 or 2012.

Anderson went through Vitor, Okami, Chael and Bonnar in that time while Jones beat Bader, Shogun, Rampage, Machida, Evans and Vitor in that time.

2013 was the year Anderson broke his leg and Jones looked very human vs Gus.

I forget why both fighters said they never wanted to do the superfight but its a shame. The end of 2011 or anytime in 2012 was perfect timing.

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They did some training together and then said they didn’t want to fight because they were friends lol

Silva v GSP or Silva v. JBJ

Never got to see either. But as much as I wanted to see them, I still think Anderson was too big for George and jones was too big for Silva


Sure Anderson was too big for GSP and Jones was too big for Anderson but thats what makes those fights fun and “fresh” compared to what the division has to offer.

Cyborg was not too big for Nunes.
Mo Smith was not too big for Renzo.
Hughes was not too big for Penn.
Conan was not too big for Saku.
Moraes was not too big for Cejudo.
Ron Waterman was not too big for Roger Gracie.
Hong Man Choi was not too big for Fedor.
Akebono was not too big for Royce.
Thompson was not too big for Pettis


Now on the flip side…
Wanderlei was too big for Saku.
Jan was too big for Adesanya.
Dustin was too big for Max.
Sapp was too big for Tamura.
Hendo was too big for Renzo.
Erikson was too big for Randleman


Its almost always fun seeing great fighters move up in weight to challenge someone bigger.


Aldo (if we combine WEC/UFC)
Mighty Mouse


I DQ Jones for the roid controversy and judging controversy, he straight lost to Gus and Reyes. Many think he lost to Santos too. I DQ silva too, unfortunately.

Rickson (I know he wasn’t in the UFC but he’s first, of course)


I’d put Aldo and Cruz there too but chose not to include WEC.

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Anderson is my personal goat because he made his opponents look like they didn’t belong.

But Charles level of competition already beats Anderson’s imo.

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I guess if you ignore the “no contest” to DC then JBJ’s win streak is right there with Anderson’s. His is the only one I think that can compare to his. Also if you ignore the “loss” to MH too which was a crime. At worst it shoulda been another no contest

Volkanovski is at 12-0 now.

The last 7 have been real impressive…
Max 3x
Korean Zombie

Its interesting to me he wants to risk it all, even on one day’s notice to fight either Oliveira or Makhachev and if that don’t happen he still wants to head into camp to go after one of those guys.

Its a great risk/reward for him though, all he is risking is the undefeated streak, if he wins he is the double champ who just beat one of the greatest LWs ever in his first UFC LW fight, if he loses well he is still the UFC FW champ who is 12-0 in the UFC FW division and he can go back to focusing on defending that belt just like Adesanya did.

At 34, he likely knows he does not have long to do big things.


JDS went through Werdum, Struve, Crocop, Yvel, Gonzaga, Nelson, Carwin, Cain and Mir on his streak.

Even after the streak was over he still beat fighters like Hunt, Miocic, Rothwell, Ivanov, Tuivasa and Lewis.

I don’t know where he ranks in terms of greatest HWs of all time but he is high up there on that list for sure.

Made his UFC debut vs Werdum in 08 and his last UFC fight was vs Gane in 2020. Just had an insane strength of schedule the whole time.


Prime Tony = destroyer of men

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Well, that’s your problem, then.

There’s quality, then quantity. MW division was one of the weakest during Anderson’s reign and still is. That has to be taken into account when comparing streaks, else we are just treating every division as if they contain the same level of competition, which I think anyone who follows the sport and isn’t just a blind fanboy can see isn’t true.

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Anderson’s 16 >> George’s 13

Anderson’s win streak included 3 wins at LHW. 3 first round knockouts

16 wins with 14 finishes >>> 13 wins with 4 finishes

These fucking George fans love to claim the MW division was weak during Silva’s time and that just isn’t true lol

Chris Leben, steel chin and heavy handed KO artist who knocked out Wanderlie Silva
Rich Franklin x2 former ufc champ
Dan Henderson, former double Pride FC champ
Vitor Belfort on TRT
Demian Maia one of the most feared grapplers and submission artists in mma history
Chael sonnen x2 spectacular wrestler
Patrick cote was on a 5 fight win streak with 3 finishes when he fought Silva
Thales was on a 5 fight win streak with 3 submissions when he fought Silva
I personally don’t think too highly of Yushin Okami but the other day someone told me that was a better win for Anderson than TRT Vitor was so I’ll add him to further boost my Narrative lol

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Impressive, for sure.

But let’s not pretend James Irvin, Stephan Bonnar, and Forrest Griffin weren’t tailor made opponents for Anderson. Not one of them could wrestle.

I’m not questioning Anderson’s greatness – I’m just saying win streaks alone do not mean as much if you don’t consider the quality of opponents. I don’t know why that’s so hard for you to understand.

If that’s aimed towards me, you’re wrong. I am a MUCH bigger Anderson fan than GSP fan. I found GSP’s fights to mostly be boring.

I love Anderson – it’s just I’m also not a fanboy in general and more analytical and unbiased in my fandom.