Top 100 fighters (statistically)

OK, for the purpose of this exercise, each fighter's last six matches are taken into consideration.

That does NOT include anything older than 3 years.

A fighter is awarded points for a win, and is deducted points for a loss. The number of points is dependant on the opponent's rank/record.

Plus, every fighter stays attached to his opponents until it is no longer one of his last six or becomes older than 3 years. Because of that, we get a trickle-down effect.

Essentially, fighters are scored based on wins and losses weighted upon the record of their opponents, their opponent's opponents, and so on down the line.

To be near the top, you have to have a great record against fighters with great records.

Here's how it currently works out...

1Ribeiro, Vitor (155)

2Barnett, Josh (243)

3Arona, Ricardo (200)

4Silva, Wanderlei (205)

5Aurelio, Marcus (155)

6Sylvia, Tim (265)

7Nogueira, A. Rodrigo (234)

8Emelianenko, Fedor (227)

9Hughes, Matt (169)

10Jackson, Quinton (205)

11Howe, Jennifer (f)

12Edwards, Yves (155)

13Diaz, Nick (168)

14St. Pierre, Georges (169)

15Ludwig, Duane (155)

16Almeida, Ricardo (185)

17Mahood, Bill (205)

18MacDonald, Jason (205)

19Sobral, Renato (205)

20Roque, Joao (145)

21Chalangov, Ansar (182)

22Nogueira, Alexandre F. (143)

23Ishida, Mitsuhiro (154)

24Suda, Masanori (182)

25Miller, Jason 'Mayhem' (185)

26Shields, Jake (168)

27Wiuff, Travis (240)

28Cooper, Raynell (170)

29Penn, B.J. (169)

30Doerksen, Joe (185)

31Matyushenko, Vladimir (220)

32Rua, Mauricio 'Shogun' (205)

33Liddell, Chuck David (205)

34Miller, Phillip (185)

35Urushitani, Yasuhiro (123)

36Shinashi, Satoko (f)

37Maeda, Yoshiro (141)

38Gono, Akihiro (199)

39McKee, Antonio (165)

40Hansen, Joachim (153)

41Franca, Hermes (155)

42Lindland, Matt James (184)

43Nogueira, Rogerio (205)

44Black, Jason (170)

45Agallar, Nick (155)

46Palaszewski, Bart (155)

47Steibling, Alex (204)

48Takeuchi, Izuru (182)

49Matsune, Ryota (132)

50Horn, Jeremy (185)

51Alessio, John (169)

52Kyle, Mike A (243)

53Gracie, Rodrigo (185)

54Rivera, Jorge (185)

55Kondo, Yuki (201)

56Frederickson, Blake (155)

57Freeman, Ian William (220)

58Lawler, Robbie (170)

59Ireland, Jason (155)

60Diniz, Edson (155)

61Lytle, Chris (170)

62Firmino, Luiz 'Buscape' (155)

63Defranco, Santino (155)

64Foxworth, Brandon (145)

65Kawajiri, Tatsuya (155)

66Bonello, Tony (170)

67Griffin, Forrest (205)

68Franklin, Rich (205)

69Sherk, Sean (165)

70Morgan, Sam (165)

71Crane, Alberto (155)

72Ramage, Shawn (123)

73Bennett, Charles (155)

74Watanabe, Daisuke (185)

75Goodridge, Gary (264)

76Yamamoto, Norifumi (143)

77Kuboyama, Homare (123)

78Kaku, Kaynan (155)

79Yokoi, Hirotaka (214)

80Gurgel, Jorge (155)

81Suloev, Amar (185)

82Tokoro, Hideo (143)

83McKenzie, Tim (205)

84Yamaguchi, Mamoru (123)

85Castro, Ulysses (230)

86Nakao, Jutaro (170)

87Henderson, Dan (196)

88Kang, Denis (184)

89Kobald, Kelly (f)

90Prater, Carlo (170)

91Fickett, Drew (170)

92Magomedov, Ibragim (230)

93Waterman, Ron (267)

94Paling, Stephen (143)

95Jhun, Ronald Jr. (170)

96Kato, Tetsuji (167)

97Rupponen, Mikko (205)

98Vitale, Falaniko (185)

99Stevenson, Joe C (155)

100Attwood, James (150)

Great works as always, please keep it up.

Is it still the last 6 fights and all the same rules as the other lists?

Also, can you please post the top 10s per weight class?

Are you serious Vov?

Igor went 3-3 in his last 6 fights. I don't think his win over Overeem is on there, since it was in 2001. That makes Igor 2-3 on the list.

His 2 wins are over Bobish and Dirty Bob, not impressive wins.

Why on earth would he be in the top 100?

The full list, as well as Top 10 division breakdowns are at:

I try to update them as frequently as possible.