Top 20 Heavyweights

  1. Fedor-- obviously

  2. Cro Cop-- very close with Nog. Almost a tie. I give tge edge to Cro Cop with his gp victory this year.

  3. Nog-- see above.

  4. Barnett-- clearly number 4 with his 2 close fights with Nog.

  5. Sylvia-- UFC HW champ. His style may not be pretty, but he gets the job done. Huge year with 4 victories-- Silva, Arlovski 2 x, and Monson. Underrated due to his appearance and lacluster fighting style.

  6. Hunt-- opened many eyes in his fight against Fedor. Keeps improving. Big win over TK earlier ths year.

  7. Arlovski-- on the rise again with his victory over pe de pano

  8. Werdum-- huge victory over alex, hung with nog, definite contender

  9. Monson-- huge unbeaten streak for some time. victories over cole, hinkle, and pe de pano. was impressive in losing to sylvia

  10. Vera-- unbeaten prospect. on a huge tear

  11. Alex-- the horrible performance against werdum really drops his rank

  12. Sergei-- bad year for sergei. hope to see him rise to the top 10 again

  13. Heath-- pretty inactive for the last 2 years. Still hovers about in the top 15. was not impressive in defeating goodridge. Questions will be answered when he begins to fight in the ufc

  14. Wanderlei-- victory over fujita really established him as a dangerous hw. However, his destruction at the hands of cro cop tells us he will never be a threat for the title

  15. Zentsov-- on fire earlier this year, and then---? nothing. Hope to see him fight again soon. Has a sledgehammer for a right hand

  16. Mir-- worst year amongst all the top heavys. Another loss may not only put him out of the top 20, but maybe in KOTC or elsewhere

  17. Fujita-- made quick work of the wrestler. Always tough. Durable. Loss to Wanderlie hurt his rank

  18. Buentello-- destruction of tank. Should not have been dropped by the ufc. Hope to see him signed by ufc or pride soon. Tons of potential.

  19. Ricco-- speaking of potential! If Ricco loses the weight, expect him to be a force. Fights no namers, his victory over waterman is what reestablished him as on the rise again.

  20. TK-- i was sad too see the old, grizzled war vet. retire. Victories over morais, waterman, and sperry, and impressive in defeat agaist fedor and hunt (both gtsy performances) let us know that he is still dangerous and is still a contender

Yoshida deserves to be in the top 15 due to his win over Mark Hunt. True he lost to Thompson but make no mistake before he fell on his head, he was the better fighter.

Monson and Arlovski are not top 10 like CTsar said.

Allistair Overeem deserves to be top 15, due to his win over Sergei.

And Fujita should be ranked higher, he can beat many HWs.. he looked bad against Wand because Wand has incredible speed.

lol at arlovski not in the top 10

Ben Rothwell

Buentello would KO Mir. Werdum and Hunt should be above big Tim.

Is there such a thing in MMA. Try a top 5-6.

Anyone that says Arlovski isnt in the top ten is a dumb shit. Yes he lost to the oger twice. But he will rise to the top again.