Top 3 boxing trainers

Eddie Futch
Alcides Caron
Emmanuel Steward

Good list. LOL preemptively at the person who said "Freddie Roach":

Barry Hunter

 Ever, or living?

Mike, where would you rank Freddie? And who is better than he is today?

Teddy Atlas doesn't belong in the same sentence as Eddie Futch. I'd actually put Eddie Mustapha Muhammad , Kenny Adams over Atlas.

My current Top 3 would include:

Naazim Richardson
Ronnie Shields
Freddie Roach

You could also put both Mayweathers in there as well and that would be your top 5.

All Time -
Ray Arcel
Whitey Bimstein
Eddie Futch
Freddie Brown

Eddie Futch is #1. I can't agree with Manny Stewart. The list of great fighters that he developed is pretty short. Most of his champions were already established when they hired him.

I would put Lou Duva ahead of Manny Stewart.

Where does Angelo Dundee rank?

Dundee is up there. He worked with some really good guys outside of Ali and Leonard.

People forget about guys like Arcel, Freddie Brown, and Bimstein.

Arcel worked with, Roberto Duran, Ezzard Charles, James Braddock, Barney Ross, Tony Zale, Ceferino Garcia, Kid Gavilan...the list go's on forever.

Show some love for Buddy McGirt!

MayorPirkle - Show some love for Buddy McGirt!


Also Teddy Atlas is one of my heros. If you haven't read his biography you should get it.

Manny Steward is a badass as well.

Many people forget that Manny's original Kronk teams were guys like Thomas Hearns, Hilmer Kenty, Jermal Hinton and that he also trained very good amateurs like the Palac brothers, Oba Carr etc. etc.

Of the living:

Buddy McGirt

Freddie Roach

Emmanuel Steward

Panama Lewis.

 Is Panama Lewis considered a good trainer, or just  a cheatin' sumbuck?

Charlie Goldman anyone?

Turned clumsy brawler Rocky Marciano into perhaps the best ever?