Top 3 Qualities for Success?

If you had to pick the top 3 qualities for a person to have (intelligence, ability to remember well, etc) to succeed in the white collar world (business, finance, IT) what would they be (what order) and why.

Assuming their other qualities are average.



gordon. in not so many words. i agree.

gordon. in not so many words. i agree.

Gordon,"1. Standards
2. Resourcefulness
3. Self Responsibility. "Im suprised. I thought things like:intelligence, ability to comprehend quickly, hard working, brain power, etc, would be the most important factors.I guess #2 falls in the list I thought would be useful.

Gordon, that is a great list.

I would had huge cojones to that list.

My perspective is a bit different, still being a student (and having spent my entire life in school). The one I've seen in all the departments in which I've been involved:

1-3. Everything Gordon wrote above.

4. DRIVE; some people have the goals, but have trouble keeping their eye on the ball, and aren't willing to do extraordinary things to achieve those goals (within moral standards of course).

5. Resilience; It's easy to be discouraged. Some people give in, some people fight through it.

Also, I agree with Gordon about the potential comment, but I also think there are a ton of people out there with operating well under capacity, looking for the easy way all the time. Several of them are friends of mine, always talking about being rich and famous, but never moving away from the grill, and always with a beer in hand. I find it disheartening.

Information is correct. My three would be:

Tenacity: I wanted to work for my current company VERY badly. I sent resumes quarterly for 3 solid years before getting an interview. I didn't get the job. So I asked them what were the reasons and set myself on improving in those areas. 2 years later, I got the job. Never give up. Never desist. Be dauntless.

A Child's Mind: Children are always curious. They don't readily accept things and always want to know "why". In our careers, we should do the same. Why are we doing what we do? Is there a better way? Why does this work the way it does. Life gets really de-mystified when you see the man behind the curtain. It allows you to "think outside the box" when other, more jaded folks cannot.

People Skills: I can't stress it enough. All the knowledge in the world ain't shit if you can't get along with people, foster and maintain contacts as well as learn realpolitik... Yes, it's a pain sometimes, but it will serve you well. By keeping a strong "Intel" network, I see problems before they arise. Today one of my co-workers alerted me that there was grumbling about one of my systems... I spent the day fixing it today. Had it not been for that guy, I may have been jumped sometime next week.

Don't make contacts just to help you. Learn to assist them whenever you can. Get to know them. Learn about them. You may make some good mentors/friends and every bit of info you can get is ammunition.

daddy's credit card has to be up there somewhere.

1. Persistance

Undeveloped talent is almost a proverb. Success often requires a person to pick themselves up after their actions don't produce the results intended.

2. Desire

A burning desire will motivate a person to action. Inertia is what I find keeps most people from starting the journey towards the success they want.

3. Emotional stability

Most people think that IQ is important to achieve success. Some of the most successful business people I do accounting for are of average IQ (and sometimes a bit below average ;-) but they're happy with themselves - they have a great Emotional Quotent.

People who are emotionlly unstable tend to crash and loose track of their goals and the easy steps it takes to achive their goals. They want everything NOW!!!, and life's not often like that.

Emotionally stable people take life as it comes. They understand that the universy is unfolding like it should.