top 5 gi dvds

What are your top five sport jiu-jitsu (gi) DVD's?

what are yours?


HAHA! Seriously, I am thinking of purchasing a few and I would like some opinions on which ones are the best.

Saulo's are top notch

No particular order:

Saulos First set
Carlos Machados set
Rodrigo Medieros' set
Cobrinha's DVD
Pe De Pano's set

These are the DVDs I watch the most often, sometimes 5-6 times. Also enjoyed the Luis Gutierrez So Flo 1 disc covering the harness (not gi specific). Draculinos DVD I like a lot too.

Check out Gustavo Machado's DVDs.

Saulo 1 & 2
Gordo Half Guard

Gordo's Half Guard Set is on DVD now? Thought it was only VHS.

In no particular order

Saulo set 1 & 2

Carlos Machado

Oberhue and Chapman Cross-sides top pressure

Any Roy Harris or Mike Jen vids

Thanks guys. I think I will check out a few of them.

Yes I have Gordo half guard on DVD!!


In no real order,

Carlos Machado, Anything sperry, Saulo's, Tinguinhas (especially his new one) and I really like those cheap japanese ones you can get from budo video. The cobrinha one is great.

I keep hearing about Carlos Machado's series from this forum and one other; it looks like I will be getting those first. I would also like a good Judo DVD, preferably one that is slanted towards BJJ competition if one exist.



Be very careful about ordering teh Carlos set. His distributor is a scam artist and you could wait 6 months before you even see the set. You will have to threaten legal action etc. Carlos said he made a mistake in choosing this guy, but he is stuck for now.


Carlos M.

Pedro Sauer

John Will and David Meyer


Marcelo Garcia

Gustavo Machado

Ricardo De La Riva "Chess On the Mat"

oops, that was more than five...

Saulo Series 1,
Luis Gutierrez Slo Flo,

Marc Laimon Mundial remix,
Bibiano Fernandez

Anyone else have problems ordering with carlos?

Hope he sorts himself out.


If you need some of the Sperry, Saulos or Garcias, drop me a line at

Paul Viele