Top 5 MMA events ever

OK - Lets say you had to sell your collection of fight tapes but you could keep 5 events,or your stranded on an island and you can bring 5 MMA events with you- What is on your list?-heres mine.

Pride Shockwave '04

Pride 19

UFC 17


Rings KOK tourny 2000 finals


The Shooto 02 & 04 year end shows.

UFC 37

Contenders 5

Rings KOK B Block 2000

Hard to disagree with dudley's picks.

I would add Pride Shockwave 2003 and Cold Fury.

Battlecade Extreme Fighting 4 cannot be overlooked.

Also IFC gobal Domintaion (tourney that Babalu won)


UFC 40

UFC 49

UFC 50

UFC 51

Pride Total Elimination 2003

I still havent seen the IFC global tourny - JAY!!!

Shotcaller - if you have UFC 50 on your list you need to expand your library bro.

You newbies need to start learning about MMA's rich history.

For example, have any of you seen UU96?

What? UFC 50 was frikkin AWESOME!

1 KO


1 Decision

& 4 Subs!

If the Main Event didn't suck ass it could have been the greatest show ever!

Japan Vale Tudo '98 was a classic! A stacked card with a ton of upsets. Card included:












and more..

IFC Global Domanation in Denver was the Best I have ever seen, and we watch a LOT of MMA around our house.

Not in any particular order:

RINGS KOK Finals 1999 Finals
PRIDE 10 (first serious MMA experience; prior to this I ONLY watched UFC 5 which got me to stop watching MMA for 9 years)
PRIDE Final Conflict 2003(only time my family sat down to watch MMA together; grandma's comments were gold)
PRIDE Critical Countdown 2004 (two of the craziest monets in MMA history)
ZST GP 2004 Opening Round (ZST is king)

Honorable mention:

DEEP 9th Impact (Can someone say fun freak show; Super Porky, whose antics I did not like CMLL prior to this wins my respect in this one, and even though I knew he didn't beat Yano I was cheering in my heart for him o destroy Yano like those hogies that Giant Silva steals from him on those Saturday skits; also despite having prolly zero experiene whatsover, as Antonio Pena likes to hire bodybuilders instead of former wrestlers to his fed, Electroshock, who I had less respect for than Porky, displays heart that alot of guys don't show)

PRIDE 2000 GP Finals (SAKU vs Royce is one of the top 5 historical matches in MMA history)

Pride 10
All of UFC 2
All of UFC 17
Pentagon Combat (what an ending! Bohlander vs Busta was good too.)
Pride 2000 GP (Sak/Royce)

Has no one seen UU96???

Trying to remember, what was so great about UFC 17?

UU 96 was great
Pride 10
UFC 34 anyone?
Pride Shockwave (Sapp/Nog)
Pride Bad Blood

MARS was a good one, took me a while to get it.
Busta vs Erikson was classic, lighter jits guy vs monster as fec. this was close to the beginning and everyone thought bjj was voodoo or something, Renzo KOed Tacktarov, among other Christian maulings