Top 5 MMA events ever

MARS was good, took me a while to get it.
Busta vs Erikson was classic, lighter jits guy vs monster as fec. this was close to the beginning and everyone thought bjj was voodoo or something, Renzo KOed Tacktarov, among other Christian maulings

MARS was a classic for sure.

I think that my all time favorite is the AFC 2 event from russia. This was a true vale tudo 32 man tourny held over 2 days. There is a huge variety in fight styles and techniques on this tape. You see early Igor V, Ricardo Morais, Tre Telligman, Mikhail, Maxim Tarosov and more.

As for mainstream events, UFC 6 is one of the best in regards to action. UCC 4 and 6 were the best live events Ive seen and make for some great TV viewing.


Ill probably get some crap, but WEF 8 and 9 were amazing.

UFC 17 had the middleweight tourny with Henderson,Newton and Goes-great event with some great fights.

UFC 50 had good potential but alot of the matches were lame-Robbie tapping to that weal triangle sucked,Ivan-Tony was just too quick,the main event put me to sleep.

The only good fights were Trigg and Hughes fights.

UU96 was a great show too,definitly in my top ten.

WEF 8 was great, and I was there live to see it. Was going to college in Rome at the time and it just sort of fell in my lap - my first live MMA show.

I've seen UU96, but it's been awhile and I don't remember it that well...what's so great about it?

lets just say that 50 must have have looked better on TV than from where I was in the fifth row, everybody in that arena left hating Tito.

I agree the Tito fights sucked ass.

But Franklin, Tanner, Trigg, Hughes, Salaverry, & St. Pierre (in a losing effort) were awesome that night.

UU96 was ok.

However, the only fights that stand out in my mid were...

Tank x Frye - which was awesome!!!


Frye x Hall - which is still considered a fix.

pride 10 kicked ass. so did the middleweight tourny in pride.. which rampage-liddell.. rampage-silva..

UFC 34 was one of the best. I was showing that tape
to all my frieds for months after the event. Penn vs.
Uno 1, Hughes vs. Newton 1, Hoffman vs. Barnett,
Couture vs. Rizzo 2. I think that was UFC 34.

UU96 was good but almost all the fights went the

UFC 34 was great.

UFC 34 was awesome,the only UFC i attended live.

UU96 had Kimo-Varlens,Tank-Nelmark,Shamrock-Johnston,Frye-Goodrich 2.

You need to have seen the original UU 96 broadcast because then you get a couple of classic Tank interviews after his fights.



UU 96

Pride 10

Pride Grand Prix 2000

I'm partial to the old school mma where at the end of a "tournament" only one fighter emerged victorious.

One of the last (and most overlooked) tournaments, was Superbrawl 13...

Josh Barnett
Bobby Hoffman
Heath Herring
Ricco Rodriquez
John Marsh
Travis Fulton

all in the same heavyweight tournament, ending with only one winner!

i still love tournaments too, even tho they are a mess with drop outs, alternates, etc.

I had UU96 mixed up with the original UU