Top 5 players 5 years from now?

Another thread created out of late-night boredom.

Who will be the top 5 players in the NBA in 5 years?

I started with the theory that they all currently play in the NBA. There isn't a monster prospect in college right now and I don't see a high-schooler who can be projected that far ahead. And I don't think there's much chance a Euro player will be on there. So here you go. I decided not to go with Garnett or Duncan- they'll both be 33 and could easily still be on the list. But they both play a ton of minutes, and it's just more fun to project other guys than to go with obvious picks.

These are NOT IN ORDER.

Kobe Bryant- assuming he beats the rap. Still very young- a top 5 player now- no real reason to see him falling out of that group.

Tracy McGrady- stock has fallen a bit this year but his team is so crappy that you can only hold it against him so much. Another guy who's very young and already a fantastic, do-it-all kinda player. Don't see a good reason why he won't be on here.

LeBron James- seems pretty obvious. Already great for stretches of games- SOOO young- who knows what he'll be like in 5 years but I can't wait to see.

Yao Ming- has some obstacles in his way, but I'm gonna be an optimist and project him up here. He's already hugely effective and has improved tremendously. If he can get the right guys around him and the right offense he can dominate night in and night out.

Carmelo Anthony- the 5th guy was tough to pick- a few guys coulda gone here. But Melo is already a consistent 20pt scorer who rebounds well and understands the game. Not a superstar in any one area, but good in all facets. I can see him easily becoming a 25-26 pt scorer plus getting 7-8 rebounds and playing the team game well.

Opinions, disagreements, abuse, etc.??

I would say Anthony probably not, his athleticism is only slightly above-average at the NBA level.

Kobe and McGrady may have declined considerably in five years, but you're probably right there.

Lebron and Yao are guaranteed.

Amare Stoudamire could definitely be that fifth guy if he keeps improving. After Shaq he is the most imposing physical specimen in the game.

Probably that fifth guy will be a current high-schooler like Dwight Howard.

Im suprised no one's mentioned Jermaine O'Neal. He's young and already the Eastern MVP..

My 5 are:

1) Kobe
2) Tracy
3) Lebron
4) Yao
5) Jermaine O Neal.

Carmelo Anthony is very good and could get into the top 5 if his BBal IQ goes up to make up for the difference in athleticism.

Peja is being over looked. ;)

Amare and Jermaine O' Neal were probably the next 2 on my list.

I think Anthony's a good pick, about 50-50 chance he'll be top 5 five years from now. The thing is, he's in his rookie year and can already score so many ways, and he gets to the foul line a lot.

I don't see why a Euro player couldn't be on the list. Stojakovic is still young and his game doesn't rely on athleticism so much so he'll probably age well. Plus, he's going to take over top scoring responsibilities for the Kings as Webber gets older.

Yeah, I think he's about Kobe's age, and hopefully will start getting a bit more athletic (with his physique more so than his game).

Mark my words...Steve Blake will be a very solid point guard.

True dat

He said he didn't wanna say Garnett and Duncan because they were too obvious.


"McGrady will never be a top guy because he can't bring his team from the bottom. Being in the east, he should AT LEAST be taking his team to the playoffs with a first round exit. Or at least almost making it.

But being dead last? He'll never be GREAT, I don't care what his #'s say."

He DID take his team to the playoffs last year. I think this was just an extroadinarily bad year for the Magic. And I don't think he'll be in Orlando for much longer. Once he gets on a team that doesn't suck, we'll get a more accurate gauge of his abilities.

The McGrady hating on this forum is really quite odd.

Cause Duncan is garbage, you idiot. ;)

Come on, Duncan has never won a dunk contest, and he barely has any endorsements. Let's not get carried away calling him one of the best in the league or anything.

darko, bitches. hes only 18 right now.

and anthonys D sucks.

interesting...glad I found this ancient thread.

Let's revisit this with two of the five years out of the way. Who will be the best players THREE years from now?

I'll start with my original list:

Kobe Bryant: still a pretty obvious choice. He's playing a huge number of games but he hasn't had many injuries.

Tracy McGrady: right now, you wouldn't put him on this list. Too many injuries. He's still fairly young, and it's totally possible he WILL be top 5 in three years, but for now I think you have to take him off.

LeBron James: duh

Yao Ming: interesting to look back at two years ago. After so much promise in his rookie year, who knew his development would basically stagnate for two seasons. Then who would have predicted he'd come back after an injury and suddenly become the dominant player everyone hoped. It's a tough call, but I'm gonna be optimistic and say he'll continue to play at the level he showed late this season. I'm leaving him on the list.

Carmelo Anthony: the last guy on the old list. Had a helluva year, and became a killer late in games. Still, I don't know that he has the upside to be top 5, so I'm taking him off the list.

Also, it looks like my decision to leave Duncan and Garnett off the list was correct. Both have a LOT of tread on the old tires.

The NEW list:

Kobe Bryant

LeBron James

Yao Ming

Dwayne Wade: honestly seems like a pretty obvious pick.

Dirk Nowitzki: not a shoo-in. White guys tend to go downhill faster than black guys, but he's still pretty young.

Other candidates:

Chris Paul: not enough upside

Amare Stoudamire: injuries are too much of a concern

Dwight Howard: still has a great deal of improving to do.

So there ya go. Discuss.

^look at the date on the original post......

"Um... Tim Duncan? LOL.

He's 27 guys... "


and kg will be past his prime in 5 years.

lebron, yao, wade, bosh, dwight howard yes

"and kg will be past his prime in 5 years."

3 years now