Top 5 Thread Fails In The History Of The OG!

  1. PSL Russian Collusion Thread
    Special Counsel for Trump/Russia Megathread

  2. Jimmy23 MAGA Christians Mock Vietnam Vet
    MAGA Christians mock Vietnam Vet

  3. Darkness66 Avenatti Is A beast Of A Lawyer
    Avenatti is a beast of a lawyer - #1050 by franklinneverwhines

  4. Sgt Dokes Got Jokes Buzzfeed Brings Down Trump WTF LOL!
    BuzzFeed Brimgs Down Trump...WTF LOL

  5. Attjack Trump’s Sizable Lead Evaporates!
    Trump's sizable lead evaporates.


Great selection…all epic backfires from know-nothing jackoffs.


I dunno…

My thread had reasonable discussion among the non-hoopleheads for 18 solid months.

Where does this Cami-fail rank among the greats?

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Wasn’t there one called…

Don’t know who started it though…


You’re not even scratching the surface on Cami-fails. The mob doesn’t keep a tally of the dumb shit they regurgitate on a regular basis.

In their minds — they’re incapable of being wrong because they have a horde of hive-mind idiots posting the same shit to confirm their biases.

You know how many of these idiots, who were straight-up propagandized to re: the special counsel investigation, will maintain with PASSION that I promoted the idea that Trump colluded with Russia, or was a foreign agent? We can click on the thread > find in solid, un-edited black-and-white clear posts of mine from page 5 through 1,000 saying the exact opposite.

It doesn’t register for them. All of the culture war issues and political battles sort of conflate together in their minds. They’re incapable of nuance or distinction, and very eager to demonstrate their hubris and stupidity. It’s something of a hobby for sad, middle-aged men around here.

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Dude, Im right about 90% of the time. You on the other hand are never right. The cool thing is the OG is eternal. We can pull up every one of you thread disasters. Just because you say something over and other again doesn’t make it true. HAHAHAHA!


Great list.

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Tell me your obsessed with politics without saying you’re obsessed with politics.

All 5 of the greatest in the HISTORY of teh OG are Trump related?


That is a cool thing. Maybe you can visit the thread and do a tally for us. You might learn something!

It is hilarious to see some of these classics.

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I like the one where the fat black girl has 4 white Boogaloo Boys come up to her at a stop light and dump fluid on her and throw a zippo into her car.

Everyone that read it knew it was BS except RdotCuck. He kept doubling down. The FBI investigated it and absolutely nothing turned up.

Massive thread backfire on Rdot!

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Solid list, order seems about right as well.

List feels incomplete without a kirkslice jr entry

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It’s biased but still a good list.

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list is gayer than veegoh, who easily takes the #1 spot IMO.

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I’ll give you credit. Every one else was so embarrassed by their retarded thread they tucked tail and created new accounts. You are so shameless about yours you at least try to defend the idiocy and haven’t changed your account. So you get some points there.


Lmfao are you fucking kidding me?

The most embarrassing and greatest fail thread in the history of the OG by a LARGE margin is Camicom’s own thread here:

This is worth a look…