Top 5 UFC Knockouts all time (stiff)

Baroni vs Menne - I rewatched and it looks like menne is out cold.

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This didn’t get a ton of attention but it’s an all-time great KO imo Ignacio Bahamondes Knocks Roosevelt Roberts Out Cold! - YouTube

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Honorable mention to Koscheck vs yoshida, vid quality bad

I still go back and forth about him . Most people you can label with a martial art they are good at but with him I don’t see a guy with a lot of boxing skill but rather a guy that I would label a huge power puncher as his real skill. Only takes one from him to put you down most of the time and I still can’t believe a guy has the title with that main skill. lol


‘… Wednesday’

laughing and celebrating all these knock outs but some of the guys who got hit suffered pretty bad trauma, so need to bear that in mind

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I was gonna reply but it’s very easy for the post to get out of control and I want no part in it lol

Damn forgot about that one.

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Don’t know why but it popped into my head going through the other KOs

Nunes Vs Cyborg has got to be high on the list.
Invincible for over a decade and face planted in round 1.