Top 5 UFC Subs on Best Damn Sports

Tito Ortiz will be a guest on Best Damn Sports Show Period tonight (1/27).

They will also be showing clips of the top 5 UFC submissions.

Check your local listings for show times on Fox Sports Network.

I would take--

Inoue over Alger-- big upset, and brutally fast sub that looked like it ripped his arm out.

Shamrock over Jackson-- another big upset, and for the sheer speed of it. This one is borderline, though, and you could go with Royce over Delucia here and I wouldn't complain.

Hughes over Trigg-- one of the most vicious looking ones with the backwards fall. Plus a great fight and hypes the rematch in April.

Parisyan over Strasser-- classic judo roll and then submission. Very elegant.

Mir over Williams-- looked painful and was so fast. Could also replace with Mir over Sylvia.

Inoue vs. Royce Alger (UFC 13)

Also, for a leglock, Ruas' first fight in UFC 7 was pretty cool. We don't see tons of successful leglocks these days.

I guess Sylvia didnt submit but:

Mir vs. Sylvia (UFC 48)

his elbow is out, crack anyway

i liked mir's sub of jackson

I liked Sudo over Remeidos spinning RNC.

Hughes last second armbar against St. Pierre was awesome


I bet they focus on current subs.

I loved newton over pat. not much technique , but I loved it.

genki over remidos /rnc

gracie vs severn /triangle

frank vs horn /knee bar

mir vs williams /wtf

As always...Beth Rules!!

I never said Hughes armbarred Trigg.

I meant the five best subs. Mobius' post popped up between when I saw the thread and when I started my own.

I like the Franklin sub posted above - just because he could have easily kept busy from mount and won a decision - but he wanted to put Rivera away and went for it!

"Can you talk us through the playback?"

"Right now I am getting up and saying that I won..."

Sudo choking Remedios was nice.

definately should make the cut.

newton vs. spratt sub should be on there.

Yes this will prob end up being "top 5 submissions of the fighters we're trying to promote" . That being said it should be a great segment to watch

i really liked bohlander's armbar on jackson. it was right after shamrock caught him and he was really set on guarding against it. in spite of that, bohlander hit it late into the match.

I always thought Inoue vs Alger was a unreal submission.

Iha's armbar of Clarke was sweet too.

Horn's armbar of Godsey was the fastest armbar I have ever seen in MMA.

Newton v. Gilstrap, UFC 17

Bohlander's crucifix on ? in UFC 12