Top Five MMA Cornerman

1. Pat Militech

2. Nobuhiko Takada

3. Matt Hume

4. Marc Laimon

5. Jeremy Horn

Carlson Gracie

Horn for sure.

Bubble: Damian Hirtz

Horn is maybe the best in MMA I have seen.

I`m not sure who I can say is the top 5 without knowing how to understand a foreign language.

Just because Takada is Japanese, it doesn't rule him out of the top 2.

Why do you think Takada is number 2?


Gotta add Coleman

Many people praised Saku for being one of the most creative minds within a fight. What people don't realize, due to the language barrier, is he was merely an extension of the wizard, Nobuhiko Takada, who was coaching Saku along move for move like a puppet.

I have seen Nobuhiko turn the tides of many a match containing one of his Takada Dojo stablemates with the most subtle of cornering strategies. Pure genius at work. Very remeniscent of Pat.

horn and hume I would feel comfortable in my corner

takada...well, if that's the case wasabi why haven't any of the others at takada dojo done well?

minus matsui...he's da man


For strategy - Hume.


Matsui carried Takada in Sakus corner.

TTT for Matsui

"4. Marc Laimon"


horn, militech, hume, mo

Robert Follis- Teamquest. He should be on the list.

Although I'm biased because they are my friends, but Renzo and Dan Hendo are really really great.

I really think Miletich is the best trainer in the world, but....

The corner blew Hughes vs. BJ. Someone should have been screaming the time left to hold out for the round.


"STOP SUCKING!" -Marc Laimon

the Inoue bro's...they always have your back!