Top Gun 2 Maverick Reviews

Yeah I remember reading that avoiding constantly relying on heavy CGI saved them money.

Apparently CGI is a black hole of a money pit for some films.

I would have thought it would’ve cost more to make than that, for one the main cast is large, it’s like 15-17 relevant people involved in heavy chunks of the movie, for two it couldn’t have been cheap to pay the Navy to fly actors around with special made g force resistant iMax cameras.

I caught this number a few times in the news. They still saved money when compared to hiring CGI teams in my opinion. Watch the end credits of a Marvel film for example. There are half a dozen international CGI teams that scroll for minutes at a time.

Top Gun: Maverick’s F-18 Flights Cost New Tom Cruise Film $11,374 an Hour

I am sure tax payers paid for most of it. I doubt the movie paid for all that jet fuel. Also basically everything in the movie was military from the buildings, ships, to the jets.

The movie did use a lot of CGI also. The only F-14 able to fly are all in Iran. Also the russian gen 5 jets. So at least every part with those jets was probably CGI.

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I believe the production company actually built the bar that you see in the movie. And yes, about the CGI…even most of the external F-18 stuff was CGI, as they would typically film one Jet and add in the others.

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Wouldn’t the military bill the production company for the fuel? What is the source that they didn’t?

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They may have billed the production company but I doubt they were billed for everything. I am just guessing.

China is Asshoe


watch Disney will buy the top gun franchise now.

What they gain in recruiting is probably worth what it costs. Back in the ‘40s and ‘50s they made a shitload of military aviation films, mostly Air Force but a few Navy/USMC as well, all with the Made with the cooperation of the appropriate branch in the credits.

I think during the original Top Gun, they would literally set up Navy recruiters right outside of theaters to catch people coming out of the movie.


This 100% happened, and I remember thinking then that not one of those dudes lining up was ever going to fly an F-14.


The Navy considered the original Top Gun one of the best recruiting tools ever. Every service tired to get their own Top Gun for a while. Remember “Firebirds” about Apache pilots?

Iron Eagle doesn’t count as it was made at the same time and released a few months earlier and was made without USAF cooperation.


A thing that doesn’t get mentioned is that Top Gun: Maverick is a shining example of how you do diversity right in movies. The pilots come in all colors and there’s a female pilot, reflecting the changing face of the military. But other than the ribbing that the pilots give each other it never comes up. They’re naval aviators first and judged by their merits as naval aviators.

There’s no grandstanding about how hard it is for someone because of identity. People are assholes or not based on whether they’re assholes.

I also loved how Hangman got his call sign. It’s far more realistic than “Maverick.” Monikers are almost never flattering even when they sound cool. Like a boxer I knew who we called “hammer” not because he hit hard, but because he was dumb as a bag of hammers.


The guy in the Jocko Willink video IS a Top Gun instructor and he said that he always knew he wanted to get into the military as a kid but he saw Top Gun and that was a WRAP! He was going to fly planes after seeing that movie.







One of my sqn mates was called tank…

He said it was because he’s big, but I told him it’s because he’s slow as fuck.

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And of course enlistees across the country were crushed when they were told they would not be allowed to play their Sony walkmans and mix cassettes while flying their Jets!

Fuck going in a fighter jet. It’s the coolest job ever but it scares me, I would be no good. Never had a desire to fly about, I went up in a little plane once and it scared the fuck outta me.

I watched it yesterday lol, it was great, but Maverick is easily a far superior movie.

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It’s back in IMAX for this weekend only, and only because Jurassic World and Lightyear are shitty flops.

Going to go rewatch it now.

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