Top Gun 2 Maverick Reviews

Tom Cruise Goose GIF by Top Gun

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Finally saw this today. Agree with most of the positive reviews that it was a great blend of action, most done with practical fx rather than CGI, and nostalgia for the original movie. Also agree that the love story is superfluous. Cruise and Connelly really don’t have a lot of chemistry, so that whole subplot was wasted. Overall enjoyed it.

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Oh hell yeah. We are driving up to visit my parents and want to take them. They won’t do it in their own. I’m ready for my third watch. This will be second in imax. Our first watch we went to kind of an independent theater with 2 great imax screens, all lazy boy type seating, waiters to bring your food order. That’s my go to theater where I live now. Had no idea it existed. Cool thing it only has 6 total screens and the 4 non imax are like 30 seats max. Maybe 25. Cool vibe. The 2 imax screens seat about 50.

Anyway, going to look for a cool theater where my folks live.

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“Not enough transgendered muslims of colour 0/10”



Saw it last weekend … the rumbling of my seat during the takeoffs got my dick hard.


also a badass movie

culture was so much cooler back then

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Saw it yesterday.

What a fantastic movie. Tom Cruise killed it


There actually might not mean what you think it means…

I have only 2 complaints about the reality of the movie:

  1. thats not how SAMs work which i can suspend belief for given the premise of the movie
  2. No fucking way he is riding a motorcycle in CA or on base without a helmet or safety vest

But he’s a maverick.


Saw it today. First time I’ve been to a movie theater since 2019. It was really good. Definitely worth going to see if you liked the original. It came close to cheesiness a few times, but it was done well enough that those moments could be forgiven. God bless Tom Cruise for still making real movies.


Glad to see some of the best of the OG went and saw it and loved it too, that’s good company.

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Was Jennifer Connelys asshole real or cgi?

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You know when the broad’s plane lost its engines?

What happened?

Did someone fly between her and Maverick?

Can you ask him, what were the actual demographics of the pilots at Top Gun?

Cmon man, it’s not a woke movie, it’s 13 pilots including Maverick, 2 white chicks, 2 Mexican dudes, 2 black guys, 1 chink, and 6 white guys.

One woman is basically irrelevant and their best screen time is during the slow motion beach football scene, and one Mexican, the chink, and one black guy suck and are basically irrelevant.

They did far less than the bare minimum of hollywoods standard for wokeness, and they wrote the characters in a believable way, there’s no Mary Sue’s, that’s what the film audience that has issues with wokeness is, when there’s Rey Skywalkers that are just legends on the lightsaber the first time turning it on, it’s not the concept that a woman could be a good Jedi, it’s that the woke people are so fucking lazy with their token characters that it stands out like a sore thumb.

Yeah an actual top gun class might be 10-12 white guys instead of 6, but an actual top gun class is actually a bunch of gay ass math dorks with cool guy egos, make that movie and see if 1.3 billion dollars roll in.


They 3d modelled her asshole for the movie. So technically CGI but hell, I couldn’t tell the difference. Amazing technology.

I love seeing how much the movie is making
Domestic (49.2%)
International (50.8%)

Ok it is 40 years later but funny to see the difference when compared to the first one.
Domestic (50.5%)
International (49.5%)

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I agree the movie is FAR from being woke. Tom Cruise is one of the very few people that is creating movies I trust to put out just a good fun movie without tons of agenda mixed in. That is why the next Mission Impossible is the only movie I am looking forward to seeing in the theaters. Anything Tom Cruise does now he is not just an actor in it but has a lot of the creative control.