Top MMA gyms?

I thought I would see what everyone thinks is the top 15 mma schools in the US. Here is my top 15.

1. Xtreme Couture
3.Greg Jackson's
5.Team Quest Temecula
6.Cesar Gracie/Fairtex
7.Minnesota Martial Arts
8.Sityodong Boston(sp?)
9.Team Quest Portland
10.Miletich Fighting Systems
11.Legend's MMA/10th Planet
12.Nashville MMA/Gameness Training Center
13.Erik Paulson's CSW
14.High Altitude MMA Denver
15.Arizona Combat Sports

If you agree or disagree let me know. Just wanted to get the overall consensus.



Yea....thats a good one I forgot about.

Cobra Kai

I can't believe I forgot Cobra Kai! Even though I'm not a fan of Laiman I would definetely put them in the top 10. At least as far as BJJ goes.

 Team Renzo Gracie


what does everyone think about my placement of Minnesota Martial Arts Academy? I've always thought they were an incredible gym but doesn't get much publicity.


Definitely Team Renzo Gracie because that includes Ricardo Almeida's team as well as the AMA Fight Club (Dan & Jim Miller)

Also if it's a ranking system, Arizona Combat Sports should be higher IMO.

Millennia is a top notch team and school.


Benkei left ATT and will run own place soon. A lot of ATT guys should follow him. Benkei is a master/mentor to a lot!

and No Limits, Ultimate Fitness and Cobra Kai should be listed.

It's great to see Minnesota Martial Arts getting some love.

No FFA (miami) mentioned?


Kurt Pellegrino MMA, affilitated with Kenny Florian, Kevin Kearns, Miguel Torres. Opened up this month, has a stable of fighters who have won in virtually every organization on the east coast. Going to be taking over

Yea, now that I think about it your right about Legends as an MMA gym. But I do know their BJJ is one of the best. And I don't know too much about Arizona Combat Sports except quite a few up and comers are coming out of there so I may be wrong about the placement.

But the reason I created this thread is cause I am planning on moving by the end of the year to be able to train at one of the top notch gyms out there. I pretty sure it will be Minnesota Martial Arts Academy. Greg Nelson is so experienced and knowledgable in MMA how could I go wrong? He has produced some of the best in the world.

The HardCore Gym in Athens GA.