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Erik, Any reason you are trolling my threads? I get the feeling you could really benefit from the programming I offer. Tell you what I'm going to do: I am going to offer you a free consultation and nutritional programming to boot! when you want to collect.

Don't be afraid, Erik. Everyone can use a good coach. If you contact me and I can do nothing to help your current state of fitness, then I will personally buy you the TapOut short sleeve t-shirt of your choice. My only request is that you contact me with what is seriously your ultimate fitness goal.

If that's your goal, Erik, I'm in! Just email me with your height, weight and specifically what would be your dream as far as fitness goals?

I don't know where you get all these pictures but I am sure it takes some effort. Hope you find a way use your powers for good someday.

Counterweight, you have to check out my "Effective Fat Loss ..." thread to see the total trollage this guy commits himself to.