Top Ranked MMA Gyms/Teams...

I compiled a list of all the gyms and teams of the fighters i rank.

Then i counted how many fighters from each gym/team.

Then i ranked them and sorted them by country.

The following is what i came up with.

It's one way of seeing who has the most top ranked fighters.

(The number following the Gym's name represents how many top-ranked
fighters that Gym/Team has)

1. Miletich Martial Arts 13

2. K'z Factory 9

3. Brazilian Top Team 8

4.(TIE) Nova Uniao 7, Team Renzo Gracie 7, Team Quest 7

5. Wajyutsu Tokyo Hombu 6

6.(TIE) American Top Team 5, Purebred Omiya 5, Golden Glory Team 5,
Red Devil Sportsclub 5,

7.(TIE) Chute Boxe Academy 4, Team Oyama 4,
Brausa Academy 4, Pancrase Tokyo 4, Pancrase Grabaka 4,
Scandinavian BJJ Academy 4

8.(TIE) Paraestra Tokyo 3, Cesar Gracie 3, Williams Combat Grappling 3
AMC Pankration 3, American Kickboxing Academy 3,
Arizona Combat Sports 3, Asher Toughman Academy 3, Hammer House 3,
Integrated Fighting Academy 3, Freestyle Fighting Academy 3,
Chicago Fitness Center & Hackney's Reality Combat 3,
Menne Combat Academy 3, Pitfight Team 3, BJ Penn's MMAA 3,
Tri-star Gym 3, Kihaku Dojo 3, Lupus Shootfighting 3,



K'z Factory 9

Wajyutsu Tokyo Hombu 6

Purebred Omiya 5

Pancrase Tokyo 4

Pancrase Grabaka 4

Paraestra Tokyo 3

Kiguchi Dojo 2

Cobra Kai 2

Alive 2

Tops 2

Pancrase Yokohama 2

RJW Central 2

Chokushin Kai 1

Club J 1

Hybrid Wrestling Mugen 1

Inoki 1

5 Rings Dojo 1

Paraestra Matsudo 1

P's Lab Tokyo 1

P's Lab Osaka 1

Pancrase Inagakigumi 1

RiRoots Conan 1

Rodeo Style 1

Shooting Gym Yokohama 1

Shooting Gym Osaka 1

Sk Absolute 1

SSS Academy 1

Takada Dojo 1

Tiger Place 1

Impress 1

Team Rouken 1

U-File Camp 1

Wajutsu Keisyukai 1

Yoshida Dojo 1


Miletich Martial Arts 13

Team Quest 7

American Top Team 5

Team Oyama 4

Brausa Academy 4

Cesar Gracie 3

Williams Combat Grappling 3

AMC Pankration 3

American Kickboxing Academy 3

Arizona Combat Sports 3

Asher Toughman Academy 3

Hammer House 3

Integrated Fighting Academy 3

Freestyle Fighting Academy 3

Chicago Fitness Center & Hackney's Reality Combat 3

Menne Combat Academy 3

Pitfight Team 3

Millennia Jiu Jitsu 2

Gibson Pankration 2

Las Vegas Combat Club 2

Marcio Simas 2


Team Elite 2

Team Extreme 2

Silverback Valetudo 2

Team Punishment 2

Victory Athletics 2

Team Tap or Snap 2

Back Alley Camp 1

Bad Seed Inc 1

Bart Vale Shoot Fighting Academy 1

Black Tiger Fighting Team 1

Colorado Stars 1

FIT NHB Team 1

Gene Lebell 1

Gracie United 1

Grappling Works 1

Jackson Fight Team 1

J-Sect Jiu-Jitsu 1

Lion's Den 1

Lion's Den Texas 1

Living Defense Martial Arts 1

Meat Truck Inc. 1

Minnesota Martial Arts Center 1

No Limits Underground 1

Pacific Martial Arts 1

Pedro Sauer Team 1

Primal Tribe Fighting Club 1

Rodrigo Vaghi 1

Santa Fe BJJ 1

Savage Te Dawg Pound 1

Submission Factory 1

Team Akumu 1

Team Bison Grappling Arts 1

Team Hardcore 1

Team Janjiri 1

Team Submit 1

The Alliance 1

Third Column 1

Todd Medina Freestyle Fight Team 1

3rd Dimension 1


BJ Penn's MMAA 3

Jesus is Lord 2

Grappling Unlimited 1

Ka`mole Jiu-Jitsu 1

808 Fight Factory 1



Brazilian Top Team 8

Chute Boxe Academy 4

Ruas Vale Tudo 2

Gracie Barra 2

Brazil Fight Club 1

Ralph Gracie 1

World Fight Center 1


Nova Uniao 7

Team Renzo Gracie 7


Lions Den Australia 1

Spartan Academy 1

Fightboi Fightclub 1

Renshinkan 1

Rings Australia 1

HESKE fight club Xtreme 1


Tri-star Gym 3

Warrior Martial Arts Centre 1

Marcus Soares Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 1

Team Union 1

PG Fight Club 1


Peacock's Gym 1


Nova Uniao Italia 1


Team France 1

French Konnection 1

Quoniam Gym 1


Golden Glory Team 5

Chakuriki Gym 1

Mejiro Gym 1

Pancration 1


Kihaku Dojo 3


German Top Team 1

Power Academy 1


Scandinavian BJJ Academy 4

Ookami Shootfighting 2


Lupus Shootfighting 3

MMA Alliance NHB Team 2

Shootfighting Stockholm 1


Finnfighters Gym 1

Espoon Kehahait 1


Red Devil Sportsclub 5

Russian Top Team 2

Legion Fighting Team 1


Rings Lithuania 1

Audra Gym 1


Team Vovchanchyn 1


Cro Cop Squad Gym 1

How do you define top ranked?

wow you did alot of work

is school out today?

top ranked as according to my you need me to repeat it again for you?

So.... you made a a completly subjective list of fighters based soley on your opinion and decided to share it with us.

Thank you. That was really sweet of you.

*hands braddahshano808 a cookie for his effort*

"top ranked as according to my you need me to repeat it again for you? "

Then you wrote this, and suddenly, you went from bored, opinionated list maker to complete tool.

your the one that sounds bored

sorry for sharing it with you...i guess you'd rather read threads full of idiotic nonsense full of immature comments and argueing about who is a better fighter than who or who can beat a bunch of ten year olds

if i wasn't open to opinions then why did i post it here smart@$$?

a lot of people talk about Zuffa being pro Miletich but...i think they just have a lot of very experienced and talented fighters...i hear they also work very hard at training


Who are the 7 you came up with from Team Quest?

Couture, Henderson, Lindland, Tanner are obvious...

Sonnen and Leben are almost certain. But that leaves one more spot I'm not so sure about. Heath Sims? Nate Quarry? Ryan Schultz? Dennis Davis?

i forgot who it is...just search my rankings...he's there somewhere

Canada: TKO Managment is not a gym, in Montreal you have Tri-star Gym where top fighters train :

George St-Pierre,

David Loiseau

Ivan Menjivar

Steve Vigneault

and many others...

I looked through all of your rankings and can't find a 7th from Team Quest.

maybe i miss counted...sorry, i cant be perfect at everything

" sorry, i cant be perfect at everything "

So much attitude...

"top ranked as according to my you need me to repeat it again for you?"

"if i wasn't open to opinions then why did i post it here smart@$$?"

" sorry, i cant be perfect at everything "

Well someone certainly doesn't like to be questioned or have comments... why post in an open forum if you do not want people respond?

"Well someone certainly doesn't like to be questioned or have comments... why post in an open forum if you do not want people respond?"

i was just overly sensitive sissy


just making an observation and I'm GLAD your not getting upset. I don't get off on getting people mad, I thought you were getting pissed, I was wrong.