Top teen in the US?

Who is the top teen in the US?

Cocco, Lauzon, Fyvie, Agguzzi???

Thank You!

enrico cocco.

Amie Turton is on the list :-)

The twins

My brother is pretty good... he triangled one of the absolute competitors at the NE Grappling tournament a week and a half ago.

Dan Lauzon is a no money havin, salad eatin, hack-jitsu playin, fucktard.

if I were to vote for the cutest teen though he might edge out Amy Turton

" Dan Lauzon is a no money havin, salad eatin, hack-jitsu playin, fucktard."

I agree. But he stills beats and taps out really good grapplers.

i would put eddie fyvie, dan lauzon, and enrico cocco on the top of the list for boys.

amie turton and jessica bryant are the top two female teens i think of.

Wasn't there supposed to be a Teen Superfight at the Worlds between Lauzon and Fyvie?

tiffany teen

Elbe is very correct. Jacob is a legit badass!!!

Enrico "teen phenom" Cocco

I'll put Myles Jury against any of the others mentioned above.Most of the guys mentioned are all about the same weight someone should organize a teen superfight tournament.

Enrico Cocco (FFA) is the best teen boy without the gi. With the gi, it's Bill Cooper from Paragon. Girl is Amie Turton, gi or no-gi.

Amie Turton

Gregor "Gracie" Rangel out of Renzo Gracie Academy. The kid is 17 years old and is a 4 stripe purple belt. He is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, and is very active in competitions.


hello? bill cooper.

Enricco Cocco, Dan Lauzon, Bill Cooper, Ed Fyvie, 4 teen absolute.