TOP TIP for single guys:

I think either I didn’t explain it clearly in my initial post or you misunderstood. This is for the younger SINGLE GUYS still chasing American women. Not for me, I don’t want or need them as most are out of shape and I can’t get a hard on when a girl has a denny’s gunt and cellulite, which automatically disqualifies 98% of AW. BUT, for the guys still chasing, this is a sound investment as not anyone can afford one and the approaches and comments you’ll get could be a game changer for a guy who is dropping boatloads of money at bars trying to buy drinks. Don’t need to.

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If this is a joke thread, it flies completely over my head.
Kudos @CaptnTurdBurgler , you did it.

you make it sound so easy

Just get a fake Rolex

I need to get a Rolex and Crees viking or aventus . Top tip baby!

CTB dropping knowledge for the flyover jabronies on here. Love it!

If you think you’re getting valuable advice from OP, you fully deserve the golddigger you will end up with.

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Me and CTB park our cars In the same garage.

Stop trying to obfuscate the issue here

CTB is trying to help the top men here.
I’m all about the salt life myself but need to get my hands on a Rolex . I’m married but he is right it gets instant respect from everyone

Be rich or athletic.

If that won’t work, be funny and witty.

If all fails, be a TOP OG POSTER, like myself.


Destroyed GIFs | Tenor

I pick up plenty with a $6 bottle of Axe deodorant lol