Top U.S Military Leader - Ukraine Should Admit Defeat & negotiate NOW!

here is what people actually in the military think of tim’s selfish narcissist instagram delusions of grandeur afghanistan pr stunts


I quoted the exact terms of the bet. Your attempt was laughable. This is most likely because you are retarded. Come back at me when you can read. Why do you think not a single other person is trying to make $100? It is an open bet after all.

You keep saying this and you continue being wrong. The US pulled out of Afghanistan, after raping their country for 20 years, killing multiple times as many enemies as they lost themselves, and making lots of Americans lots of money. The war was not lost, it was given up by political leaders. This doesn’t fall upon Tim or any of the other soldiers that were over there, it falls directly on the heads of US leaders. There was no “people that beat your ass” that you are pretending happened. I know you want your arguments to be bolstered, but dishonesty about this subject is ridiculous when anyone can look at what happened over there on the ground.

Considering you just publicly welshed on a bet you can’t really be that stupid that you don’t understand why people aren’t wasting their time with you :joy:

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Considering you are too dumb to realize that you didn’t even come close to fulfilling the bet, you can’t really be that stupid to realize why nobody else is even attempting to get the donation.

That you can read what is quoted and think that you somehow proved something shows how retarded you are. Since the beginning I have been telling you that your reading comprehension is poor, but it seems like even given quotes, you can’t tell your elbow from your asshole.

Considering your position at the truck stop, I would assume you know all about being a poor dumb cum bucket. :slight_smile:

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Holy shit what a piece of work.

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I caught this one over the weekend. He mentioned that the taliban could fight.

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your bitch neo con globalist ass lost a guerilla war just like the soviets (note i mean neo con supporters not regular soldiers). except the soviet government lasted 3 years, yours imploded in a week from corruption and poor war performance and garbage globalist ideology.

anyway exactly who are the neo cons and what is thier agenda:

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good video snake. enough self awareness to understand many afghan “allies” had other motives to put it mildly, and yes indeed you dont defeat superpower after superpower by being a bunch of pussies. tim has not got the integrity or self awareness to admit those or a billion other things. good on this guy, self awareness is so important.

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Is it still 10% going to the big guy? That would explain the ridiculous amount of USD being thrown at Ukraine.


That you believe our losses were comparable to Russia’s is laughable. The war was not lost, it was actually won, for as long as we wanted to keep paying for it. For various reasons we pulled out, one could write a whole book about those reasons, but we can know for certain that money was part of it. The US dominated a country for 20 years, raped its resources, and funneled a ton of taxpayer money to various cronies. I would say that in the eyes of those who are running the wars, this was a huge success. They have now moved on to other ways to do those same things. You framing this as some massive loss is just hilarious and does not match up with the facts on the ground.

P.S. You trying to frame me as a “bitch neo con globalist” is hilarious, because not only are my ideologies clearly anti globalist, but with your fantasy world that you are spewing here, it is clear who can’t handle reality and is a bitch. Maybe step away from your rabid ideology for a second and examine what really happened with out the hyperbole of “people that beat your ass” and “bitch neo con globalist ass” crap that make you sound like a lunatic. :slight_smile:

Maybe you are anti globist. I see no reason to disblieve you. But man did you pull the mother of all copes here.


“raped its resources, and funneled a ton of taxpayer money to various cronies”

basically taxpayer funded organised crime. which we all know already, just odd when its openly admitted to. the soviets dominated the country aswell thats what superpowers do with all that equipment

listen to one of you own google henry kissinger on definitions of winning and losing a guerilla war

No idea what “mother of all copes here” is supposed to mean.

Lol at Kissinger being “one of you(sic) own”. I could care less what that political hack calls winning and losing a guerilla war. I was over in the sandbox and know for a fact that what happened was not a military loss, it was a political loss. Does anyone dispute that if the US wanted to, they could have stayed in both Iraq and Afghanistan for as long as they wanted? The dirty politicians got what they wanted and then pulled out, screwing thousands upon thousands of people.

The soviets did dominate the country as well, but they were taking heavy losses in lives and equipment compared to what they had available at the time. The US was not taking these heavy losses and was in a much better position economically to continue the occupation indefinitely.

Look, we can argue about who the bad guys are/were, and the motivations for a lot of what has gone on over there. That is fine, we would probably find a lot of common ground, as I generally hate all politicians. What shouldn’t happen though is using some revisionist history to claim that the US war machine was defeated by guerilla warfare, when it most certainly wasn’t. The US war machine was pulled out by politicians, not because it was losing a war.

Looking at the world powers actions without political blinders on allows one to speak truths that others find inconvenient. I don’t pretend that the leaders of the most powerful nations in the world are benevolent and nice, and if they were they probably wouldn’t be all that effective of leaders.

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