Top UFC Fighter Injured

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Top UFC fighter Rich "Ace" Franklin was injured last week while training for an upcoming fight with Travis Luter at UFC 82 in March. Franklin suffered a torn meniscus in his right knee and will be out of action until June.

Franklin recently experienced swelling of his knee - the same knee in which he tore a meniscus several years. His doctor determined that floating particles from the first injury had caused swelling, and while examining the knee, he realized Franklin had again suffered a similar tear. Franklin's fight manager Monte Cox alerted UFC officials of the injury late last week after it was identified by an MRI exam.

News of the injury came approximately one day after the Cincinnati-based Franklin had signed on to fight Lutter at UFC 82, which takes place March 1 at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. The Franklin-Lutter fight was expected to earn co-main event status with an Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson title fight also scheduled for the event.

The former UFC middleweight champion will fly to Las Vegas for corrective surgery during the first week of January.

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