Top UG Wrestler

What UGer can boast the most impressive wrestling accomplishments / credentials? Are there any "real-deals" on here?

I know my brother MDevil can wrestle...he was a florida state freestyle champ & wrestled at Cadet & Junior Nationals in both Freestyle & Greco....I think in '93 & '94. He was a good one in Florida at that time.

He now trains with Pablo Popovich & he tells me that there's a guy named Brasco there. He says that Brasco is a TOTAL stud & basically can take anyone in there. He also says that Pablo Popovich is an awesome wrestler as well.

 I also know of a kid from down here named Carl Williamson. He was a 2X High School State Champ (from St Thomas Aquinas), he was a High School All-American, took Chris Bono to the limit in a classic battle. He mauled his guys dual meets & tourneys in high school. Cadet & Junior Nationals he advanced pretty far. Then he did a short stint in Garden City Kansas Community College before getting into Oklahoma. He began to dominate there before his grades got him suspended & then later released. But this kid was a KILLER back in the day....any Florida wrestlers here remember Carl Williamson?  

CRETARD = Kevin Randleman.

CRETARD = Kevin Randleman.

I don't mean to brag or anything...But the answer is Me.

CRETARD = Kevin Randleman.

CRETARD = Kevin Randleman.

CRETARD = Kevin Bacon

Cretard= Keanu Reaves

CRETARD = Kevin McCallister

matt lindland...thread over.



CRETARD=Patrick Swazye

big cat?