Top up and coming fighters ?

The last year has been great for some of our top Canadian fighters and alot of light has been shed on them. Guys like Kang, Gil, Mahood, Brown, Louseau and a few others and are usually ay the top of everyone's list to talk about. My question is who is the next on to make it to that list for international fights?

Here is a few that I have seen fight and think are able to make it to the next level:

Len Smith Okanagan Jiu-Jitsu

Kajan Johnson Pg Fight Club

Mike Adams Toshido

Blake Fredrickson Gibso Pankration

Todd Gowenberg Gibson Pankration

Justin Tavernini Mein's PFA

Chad Hamzeh Canuckles

All these guys are solid talent and have everything it takes to be in the world rankings in the near future.; It is a toss up to say who will be there first as it will depend how busy everyone stays and what fights are offered to them but they are all exciting !

Kyle Sanford is another.

BOCEK. He's armbarred Cabbage, tapped Javier Vazquez and he is preparing o do a number on Colangelo.

Kyle Sandford is going to have a belt around him one day. That guy's just plain slick.

Jeff Joslin is another guy that just impresses the hell out of me.

I haven't seen Hamzeh fight but I keep hearing a ton of good things.

As for Kajan, I finally got to see him fight at the last TKO... I would pay money to watch him fight again in a heartbeat. Even though he lost (Should have been a draw at worst) he probably made me take notice more than anybody. I like his style.

Ryan Diaz is another guy that should be getting some more recognition. Fun to watch.

Absolutely Diaz the only reason I didn't put him in there is because I beleive he is already there. He has had some tough losses but when he fights in the shooto or Hook n shoot he gets to fight at like 135 and under where he sould be and he wrecks people the guy is awesome

Antonio Carvalho...mark my words, he is then next big thing.

Joslin, without saying.

I haven't seen Bocek's stand up and or strategy, so I can't say yay or nay, but based on my experiences with him, he can be the future at 155 lbs.

Holy shit.. I completely forgot about Antonio... :(

There's alot more I'm forgetting but AC makes the list for sure.


I can't believe forgot about Jeff Joslin either. Not only is Jeff slick on the ground but his boxing skills are top notch.

JHR. Not a chicken wing is safe. Just scary (drove Colangelo back to MMA!)

Also, Showdown Joe will whip MMA promotion right into shape. Just wait.

Thanks guys, but I have already bypassed global rankings and am now in most inter-galactic ones:C

Antonio Carvalho Antonio Carvalhob Antonio Carvalho Antonio Carvalho Antonio Carvalho Antonio Carvalho Antonio Carvalho Antonio Carvalho

I guess I will have to add my own name to this list.It seem's people forget that I probably had more fights then any other Canadian last year.I also fought Homer Moore in RITC(only 2 other Canadians have fought in this event.)I also fought World BJJ Champion Marcio Corletta in Cage Warz in Montana.Not to mention some of the best in Canada.(eg.Denis Kang,Yan Pellerin,and Pascal Gosslin.)

2004 is going to be a great year for The Mountain of Mayhem!


Carvalho for sure

From the younger fighters I've seen, these guys are the one's I've been most impressed by (in no particular order):

Mark Hominick: Might have seven fights, but don't forget how young he is. Will continue to improve and hopefully get to prove he's among the world's best fighters @ 145 in a few years.

Blake Fredrickson: Even though he lost to Ouimet (I thought he won though) I was anxiously looking forward to watch him fight again. Hopefully he loses that Christmas weight soon!

Antonio Carvalho: Looked great against Legace. Real nice guy as well.

Kajan Johnson: Young and willing to fight anyone, anywhere. Impressed by his spirit and skills.

Jeff Joslin: Jeff's not that young, but a future star nonetheless.

Patrick Cote: I've been really impressed by this guy everytime I see him and despite being a Canadian champ is still only 23 years old. I'm anxiously awaiting a future bout against the other top LHW's in Canada.

Rob MacDonald

I didn't put Hominick's name because I believe he's already there.



JHR what kind of membership do I have

What do you mean ??

I give props to anyone who gets into the ring, but you lost to all those guys with the exception to Goslin. So I'm not sure how you could expect someone to put your name on this thread.

match1,ojja question was "Who is next to make it to that list for international fights?" All I am saying is Iam fighting Internationaly and have 2 fight's scheduled in Mexico and the US for this year.Also I have gotten much better since taking many very tough fight's early in my career and I think my last few fight's have reflected that!My fight with Homer Moore was close and went to a decsion.And I think in 2004 Iam only going to get better.