Topps project 2020 Baseball meets modern Art

im a big time baseball card sports card collector and grew up in LA with a lot of street / graffiti artist so I was pretty open minded when this set started coming out from topps. Never did I nor anyone else ever expect this to blow up the way it has in popularity and financial gains like it has .. if you are a fan of both cultures like me I would suggest checkin it out. Just thought I’d share 

Huge fan of mister cartoon. Been buying them for $25 as they’ve been released. All are going for ridiculous amounts on eBay now. Clemente is going to over $1k. 

Yea I really like so many of these .. shocked at the resale prices. I’ve got doubles of a couple early releases but I’m holding. A lot of the artist are growing on me too where at first I thought they were whack.