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Hello everyone!

As many may know, I lost the fight in the latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter. I had a hard time after the lost but since the show I have had time to process everything. Feels nice that it comes out now and everyone will know the outcome of the fight, so I can move on. I don’t want make any excuses for my loss, but it is a very special situation to be on this show and I admire those who managed to perform during those conditions. New coaches, new training partners, new enviorment without any support form loved ones. Sport is all about being prepared for the unprepared and it’s something I really take me away from this fight and the show as a whole. Whatever the circumstances and conditions are, you will have to be able to perform. Find the mental state of mind where you can deliver on top. Now I just look ahead and put the lost behind me. There’s still a chance for the wildcard and my main goal with the show was, after all, to get a UFC contract and that, I have achived.

I want to thank you all for the support you are showing me, fans, workout buddies, friends, family. It means a lot, and it makes me happy that so many people believe in me. It gives me strength.
Looking forward to stepping into the octagon again.
Hope you’re with me!


Nice statement. I can only imagine the anxiety these guys face throughout the TUF experience

Mix6APlix - War Tor!

! Phone Post

soooo he isn't getting a wildcard Phone Post

WAR TOR for sure. I was sad to see him lose. Have seen hime fight live in Sweden before.

I can see him doing well in the UFC.  I'm glad he is getting a chance.

He will be cooking in the UFC. Phone Post