Torah Kimonos?

Does anyone here have experience with these gis? What do you think?

We sell many of them and people like them. They have great stiching ( sp )and are made of one piece of canvas instead of patchwork like other brands. This Kimono also runs LARGE and shrinks just a bit,at one point they where making kimonos for Bad Boy Brazil, they have great quality and stand by their manufacturing , we have had no complaints on workmanship and material used for this kimono.

You can look at them on our site

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Team Casca-Grossa

Friend of mine has one. Excellent, long-wearing gi, according to him. Very subjective and slim on the details, I know, sorry. Seemed like a pretty thick collar, hard to choke--but I probably couldn't choke this guy with a piano wire anyway.

After seeing the abuse he puts his gis through, I would certainly put it high on my list.

Lifetime guarantee, at least at the time--if I remember correctly, which I may certainly not. Ask Casca-Grossa.

for a quickee review.

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Presently I've got four - two of each their normal and gold weaves. I found the construction of a good standard and the fit, especially around the arms excellent. The skirt on the jacket was too long, so I have had it taken up a couple of inches on each gi.

My last two kimonos were also Torah: they (single weaves)lasted about 4.5 years, each averaging 2 washes and 4+hours grappling per week.

Other than Torah I've also owned Atama, which were of a similar standard construction-wise, but I found too restrictive in the jacket (tight around the shoulders/armpits).