Torn rotator cuff tme

Been fighting through a compromised shoulder for 20 years now. Recently it has become pretty unbearable. I’m not looking to self diagnose but everything I have looked up points to this being a torn rotator cuff. Or maybe it’s the labrum. Definitely my labia. Tme about fix and recovery. Thanks

I tore my rotator cuff and AC joint in my right shoulder during BJJ 10 years ago. Had an MRI done, was told I needed surgery but was against it.

It sucked at first but after 2 months I was back in BJJ and much better off. I was also 20 at the time.

If it’s been going on for that long, doesn’t sound like what I had. Sounds worse but then again I don’t know shit.

Everyone I’ve ever known who’s had a neck or shoulder surgery has come out not feeling 1 bit better.

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Bpc 157. I don’t know if it’s the miracle peptide it’s made out to be but word on the street is that it’s perfect for a torn rotator cuff. Just make sure you don’t have any cancer when you shoot it up

My shoulder was torn and I had surgery but it doesn’t feel as strong as before. I don’t have any weird range of motion problems but I do have difficulty throwing a ball as fast and as accurate as I could before the surgery.
Also, hopefully it’s your labrum and not your labia…

Had shoulder issues for all of adult life off and on. Lifting, grappling, boxing, climbing, the usual.

My right, which was dislocated more times than I can remember, was finally fully destroyed in a snowboarding accident. Cuff, labrum, etc…

Had surgery about 12 years ago and it is still rock solid.

My left, less problematic, is also currently feeling great. Had shooting pain while doing pressing movements a while ago that lasted almost a year. Couldn’t bench 95lbs. But thankfully after self rehab and work, it now feels 100% as well and I’m lifting as heavy as ever.

So I guess it depends. My right would have had no chance to come back without surgery. My left obviously was able to make a comeback without

I am a true believer in dead hangs by the way.

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This is encouraging. I will obviously look into physical therapy/rehab before going the surgery route. Happy to hear you’ve regained so much ability. I typically do a little bit of hanging after each set of pullups but the pain is crazy lately. I did a little bit of light swimming at my buddy’s a few weeks ago and could barely drive my car the next couple days with it still being way beyond normal pain a couple weeks later now.

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I’ve had both shoulders done and I disagree. It saved my quality of life. Get a good surgeon ask questions and do everything they say to a T and its worth it. I’ve actually has surgery on my right shoulder more than once due to a different injury, the repaired part was the only thing in place after. I tore the labrum in half so a a SLAP tear, 3 rotator cuff tears, only 1 of the 4 survived and that was the one previously fixed.

See a reputable dr and talk to them, you won’t regret it.

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I had my neck done (spinal fusion) back in 08 and it felt good for a couple years, and then it just started aching all the time. Pops and creaks like crazy now.

My left shoulder has been popping and creaking for about 20 yrs now. Sorry to hear about your neck.

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Thanks bro, yeah I get these crazy tension headaches from the left side of my neck now that extend up past my ear. Makes my day miserable sometimes.

I had bankart repair around 20 years ago.
My shoulder was not going to stop dislocating without it.

Once and a while it is sore but mostly in my neck area. Besides that glad after 3.5 years of physio someone finally ok’d the surgery.

Is better still then it was. Although I am careful even playing with my kid to not take weight in certain ranges.

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Had my labrum torn from front to back. Had surgery. Was back to work in a little over 5 months. It’s still not 100% but it doesn’t hurt the way it did before. You have to be careful with shit like this. My uncle tore his rotator cuff/ labrum years ago in both shoulders and instead of having them repaired when he found out, he waited until after he retired a few years later. He waited to long. Everything had been so damaged and atrophied there was no longer any tissue to reattach. Now he drinks out of a really long straw because he can’t hold a cup to his lips.

im in the same boat as you. had an mri done and went to a very reputable doctor. he says the surgery is no big deal and unless they find something the mri couldn’t see, i’ll be doing physical therapy the next day.

just need to find time to schedule it, where 6 weeks of rehab won’t be a pain in the ass.

Could you please describe some of the self rehab and give me as much detail as you can on your dead hang routine? Thanks

buy and look into rubber bands
endless time on rubber bands it seems.

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@Floppy_Divac Kelly Starett has some amazing rehab and mobility techniques. I recommend you try these out as they completely healed an old injury I had from wrestling.

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Just had a labrum repair and biceps tenodesis done in January. Kinda wish I didn’t. Range of motion is at 70% and strength is at 50%. Now I have a different type of pain/stiffness in the shoulder. Now it’s clicking and popping when I move it and that never happened before. Exhaust all non operative options before going under.


Just ordered a couple of lacrosse balls to start rolling on. Hopefully I can work through this. I don’t know if I’ve lost strength or if it’s more a matter of me not being able to do certain things due to the pain.

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I’ve been clicking and popping for close to two decades. Not “The Gods must be crazy” clicking and popping either. Sorry to hear that man. Hopefully it improves with time and work.

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