Torn rotator cuff tme

grab a pool thingy also, those long tubes, a thinner one
you will see them eventually in a rehab video
great for aligning and rolling out back also

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Sorry, I missed this. Pretty generic stuff using light weights and bands. For bench I was using wood blocks since my range was so limited. Took a while but it all came back.

One thing regarding the non surgical shoulder. A trainer friend said that it could be more of an upper biceps issue than shoulder so I was doing a lot of those stretches as well.

All in all it’s hard to pin point what works and what doesn’t. I’m just glad when my body recovers. Because there is always something

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Go see an orthopedic surgeon that is fellowship trained in shoulder and elbow. If the cuff has been damaged that long it’s only going to get worse. Once the cuff is gone and irreparable your going to run into bigger problems which is ending with a reverse total shoulder replacement

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I do get numbness in my left arm (the far more damaged shoulder) depending on positioning and usage pretty regularly. Will definitely look up some biceps stretches. Thanks

Thank you. Gonna try and make an appointment tomorrow.

First shoulder surgery was for torn labrum when I was 17ish, later in my twenties, a big dude got ahold of me and planted me into the ground. Fucking tore everything. I couldn’t reach out with my arm. If I did it dislocated. It would dislocate in my sleep. I went back for surgery. They took bone out of my hip, made me a new shoulder, put a cadaver bone in my hip. Recovery was absolutely terrible but now it’s pretty darn good. Not full range of motion but around 90% and it’s strong.

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Find out the exact muscles and strengthen the chain focusing on that muscle, on mobility and on spotless technique.
I love pullups, but they aren’t easy and not automatically a healthy movement. Hanging is, though, if there’s no pain involved with that. But the flexion on top of the bar can be done with all sorts of muscles and the lats are maybe the strongest internal rotators. If a damaged rotator cuff is already exhausted from wrestling, boxing etc chin/pullups at the end of a session can absolutely be irritating to them.

Avoid surgery, take up swimming.

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I’ve told this 16 times here. But my experience is interesting to consider. I was doing bjj, lifting, swimming, doing competitive races, ect. I was probably 40. I tore both labrums power lifting. Or maybe it was the other stuff. It was hell one day the right shoulder would have miserable pain all day, the next day the left was worse and vice versa.

I went to a local doctor, took MRIs he said slap tears, partial cuff tears. Surgery to fix them. Fuck. Got a second opinion, he said surgery. Fuck. The recovery was 6-8 MONTHS and there was no guarantee i’d have full rom back or strength back. "The data they have is for aesthetes under 35. Not athletes over 35.

So I went to the Cleveland Clinic and met my finanal chance. This was the doctor that works on the Cleveland Indians. He was sports injury specialist. He took about 3 mins and said surgery. FUCK

So I was bummed. They had to do the surgeries separate. So one and a 6-8 month wait, then the other. 6-8 month recovery. I was ready to cry. I put off the surgery, kept working out as best I could, but each day sucked and you could barely sleep at night.

Just then I met a dude at the gym who saw me rubbing my shoulders. He asked me about it then told me of this amazing Ortho guy. I figured fuck it. Why not.

Went and saw this man, and unlike the three 3 before him, he said 100% opposite. DO NOT GET THE SURGERIES! What?? He said avoid it at all costs. about 18-24 months of pain and he says hell no. Just do PT one more time, take naproxin, stop lifting while in PT.

Low and behold, it started to feel better. And to this day my shoulders are FINE. NO SURGERY! Thank god I went to see him. They are 100% now and I lift heavy af with zero issues.

Just be warned most docs will rush you to unnecessary surgery! YMMV.


That is one insane story.

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See a doc and get an MRI before you make any decisions. What people are not saying here (and what they are probably not medically sophisticated enough to know) is that there are tears and then there are TEARS. Some will heal on their own, some will heal only with good PT and exercise, and some will never heal. Period. You want to get the best idea of which type you have before you commit to anything.

I tore my left supraspinatus 3 years ago at age 48. It was essentially a hole right through the tendon. The nature of the tear was such that it would never heal on its own, since (A) the tendon is always under tension and thus the hole is always spread open, (B) I’m an old fart and don’t heal like a young athlete, (C) that part of the should has a notoriously inefficient blood supply, and thus healing is less efficient than say a big cut in your quads, and (D) I am lucky enough that I have really sharp bone spurs on my acromion, meaning even if I somehow fixed the tear, that sharp edge is just going to slash it open again at some point, maybe sever it entirely.

I had surgery done by a sports doc who specializes in shoulders, works with pro athletes, fellowship trained, all that good stuff. I was told he couldn’t predict my recovery entirely but the pain should stop and I should get my range of motion mostly back. I threw myself into rehab, did everything they told me and then some, and when rehab was done, I followed a weightlifting rehab protocol beyond the simple PT they had prescribed. A year after my surgery I had a personal best bench press - I was literally stronger than ever, the repair was phenomenal. Here I am 2 years after that, and that left shoulder is stronger than ever, and there is no pain in it at all and my range of movement is 99% - at some weird angles I can tell something is different, but it’s not bad at all. It helps that when he sewed the tendon together and then used a set of screws and fibers to reattach it to the bone that he also filed down that sharp edge bonespur on my acromion, meaning I’ll never have a tear there again.

And so what happens next? This February I tore my OTHER RC - I was bringing in groceries, LOL, not even anything cool like lifting or BJJ. MRI shows this tear is worse than the other, the tendon is almost completely detached from the shoulder (the mechanism I was told is that first the tendon gets rubbed, then it gets abraded, then it swells a bit, which means it’s more likely to rub on bone even more, which then starts to separate/slice it, and as the swelling worsens and the bone contact continues, the tear gets worse and worse - this is how some lucky folks are able to get away with only massive doses of ibuprofen and PT, they reduce the swelling and stop the tendon-on-sharp edge contact, and things knit together over time - a LONG time, given what I said about blood flow above).

Surgery on my right RC is in 3 weeks, DM me in 2 months and I’ll tell you how it went :wink: Someone above noted the recovery is a bitch, I will tell you that that is no lie - recovery on my left RC 3 years ago sucked, it hurt like a motherfucker for 5-6 weeks. Not surprising if you consider he literally filed off a chunk of bone, so the pain is similar to a broken bone on top of the pain from the tendon repair itself. That shit takes time to heal…


Swimming was what triggered the super pain a few weeks ago.

FWIW, this is really close to the procedure I had done to my left RC, and probably what will be done on my right (he won’t know for sure until he gets in there with the little camera).

And this is the procedure to buff down the bone so that sharp edge won’t affect the tendons again in the future.

Just used a foam roller on my left bicep for a minute or so for the first time ever. Jeeeeeezus did that fucking hurt. I definitely have a knot going on in there that I’ll start with.

Care to share the doctors you saw? I’m in Cleveland area and going through the same conundrum. I’ve got a torn labrum and my Dr. at University Hospitals acknowledged that I need surgery, but he won’t do it until my youngest child (currently have a 10 month old) is at least 5 years of age (a second kid, god willing, puts me 6 years out). I admire that he won’t do the surgery until absolute last resort, said he wouldn’t put my wife and kids through it because I won’t be able to hold them for 9 months and would be completely immobilized for 6. Had a second opinion at Cleveland Clinic and also acknowledged the tear and need for surgery, but simply left it up to me. Docs will only give me two cortisone shots which I’m trying to avoid completely. Both told me a bicep tendon tear would actually alleviate the pain completely and if it tore spontaneously they would reattach to my chest (not the armpit area). They won’t proactively cut the bicep tendon though. The pain is just a constant dull 2, but at least twice a year I’ll go through something far worse where I lose all strength and the pain is far greater…that will last 2 months and I’ll slowly regain normal use after about another 3-4 months. I’ve done the exercises given to me religiously since October but nothing has changed for better or worse. The only thing that is really detrimental is that I haven’t slept through the night for several years as my shoulder will always wake me up. I’m guessing it’s been torn for a long time, but the discomfort from holding an infant makes it far worse than what I’ve experienced in the past along with the constant popping an need to seemingly adjust my shoulder back into place…I bet I do that 40 times a day—it doesn’t hurt worse, just feels out of place, cracks with rotation and then feels normal….also curious if anyone has gone the medical marijuana/cbd route? I have a chronic pain diagnosis, but have zero desire to ever take pain killers.

Going through therapy for torn rotator right now from my Chiro who does ART and Graston. Getting better. Tore 2 months ago almost back to regular duties at work. Couple more weeks.

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Just leaning against the wall rolling a lacrosse ball across the back of my left shoulder/scapula/lat. If this doesn’t do anything other than cause me intense pain while doing it I’m gonna feel like a real dumbass. Lol

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Sounds like there some debate about whether rotator cuff surgery is worth it for a lot. I tore my labrum at 16 and didn’t get it checked out and kept playing baseball throwing like a retarded girl the whole season. Dislocated it enough times to where my capsule tore too over the next 6 years till I got it fixed.

I’ve done both. Had surgery on one and rehabbed the other without. Surgery, I regret it. Aquatics has been my go to. Hope you find your fix mate because fucked shoulders are the worst.