Torn rotator cuff tme

For sure, DM me!

Tore both of mine. Had left repaired sept 2019 and right repaired feb 2020.

I my share of surgeries:

4 knee (2 were ALC reconstruction)
Double discectomy (C5-C7)
Left nut removed (cancer)

The rotator cuffs are by far the most painful.

My fucking lung partially collapsed 2 weeks after the left was repaired.


Definitely. But also get an anesthesiologist that speaks competent English and explains what a nerve block actually does beforehand.

Nothing like waking up out of surgery and feeling like your entire arms been removed, and not knowing why.

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I think I’m gonna try and do a myofascial release routine starting with 3 times a week and see if it gets me anywhere. With all the clunking in my left though I’m not that optimistic. It can’t hurt. Well, you know what I mean. Haha

If you get Active Release Technique… trust me, it hurts. But saved me from torn rotator and labrum surgery in my 20’s and it seems, after about a dozen sessions, that I may be dodging that bullet again, 20 years later. Fingers crossed.

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So far the lacrosse ball and resuming therapy band exercises for my shoulders seems to be helping a little bit. I now use the therapy bands daily before my actual workout and hope that with time things improve.

After surgery on any muscle or tendon, you are supposed to go through either physical therapy or they give you a set of exercises to build the strength back up.

Did you do either?

rogan says get stem cells

Ever try DMT?