Torn Something

I think I tore something in my side last night while stand up fighting at Judo.

We had been working fairly hard on some power throwing techniques and then went to randori (free fighting) I was twisting to my right hard to enter on a throw and I felt a very sharp stretching/popping feeling in my left side towards the rear and just under the ribs. It was followed my a cold and then hot burning feeling in that area. I stopped fighting and iced it. I have no nausea or bruising. It is painful to cough or otherwise flex my abdominal muscles.

My question is does this sound familiar to anyone, does it sound like just a muscle tear? What is my best course of action to take to help it heal up? How long in a general sense before I can and should work out on it?

Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreicated, and I know that this does not constitute medical advice nor do I hold any of you responsible for your replies should I follow them, the consquences will be my own problem.



damn...nobody has done this before?