Toronto BJJ @ GQ Virginia

The drive was long, but definately worht it. Here are the Toronto BJJ results:

Mark Bocek (what can you say he prooved once again that he is world class):

Black Belt Absolute under 175 Silver

Advanced No-gi under 170 Silver

Yael (despite being so badly injured she shouldn't have competed in the first place but kicked butt nonetheless):

Blue Belt under lightweight Gold

Advanced No-Gi lightweight Silver

Blue Belt under 134 Bronze(fought up one weight class)

Josh (me and I sucked):

Blue Belt over 215 silver

Daniel (his usual dominating self, showing a highly technical and complete game from the guard, the top and standing):

Blue Belt under 215 Gold (won the semi by sub)

Intermediate No-gi under 210 (won the final by sub)

Also congrats to our NU Canada teamates Andrew and Frank on their impressive wins.

Nova Uniao Canada really did well at this tourney. We had 6 competitors take home 6 Golds 5 Silvers and 1 Bronze. Including Frank's win in the under 160 Blue belt (Frank fought up one division), over the pan-am silver medalist from Ottawa in an All-Canadian final. Also, it was really great to talk to the OAMA guys who want it known that they are nice guys and not part of a cult (their words not mine).



Good work guys! It was nice to meet everyone and good to see all the Candians do well in their divisions.

Josh: Hopefuly next time, we'll get a chance to roll being in the same division and all

Nice work guys


Daniel under 210 = shlim, shexy, and ''toight - like a toigher"

congrats !!!


Congrats Josh, Daniel and Yael

Im proud of my teammates! congrats!

Congrats to Mark, Josh, Daniel and Choke!!!

That's super everybody :-)


well done guys and gals