Toronto police dismantle homeless encampment (vid)

Know Canadian police havent been looking good this pandemic, but here’s one example of something they’re doing well. You just cant let these ppl set up shop and ruin an entire area. Hopefully California and Austin and other places do the same.

More about it here:

Think the above video is of the protesters who were not homeless. Toronto PD also did the same a few months back in Trinity Bellwoods park and came under fire.

NIMBY at its finest.

Good that they aren’t just relocating them involuntarily or arresting them to clog the courts. Hopefully more start accepting the offer of food, shelter, support

Yes its important to have programs to offer although most wont accept. But you cannot allow these ppl to cause harm to others, be it financially or otherwise (life quality, stress, etc), or to the environment - ie. they often leave needles behind, trash, condoms, drugs, weapons, excrement etc.