Torrent Invites

Quick update.


The new sections in the Torrent thread site are starting to come together. We have quite a few Torrent Invites Available for anyone interested / looking


Additionally there are 2 people looking for "hard to find ones" if anyone knows of any. 

They will ALWAYS be updated and listed on the FRONT PAGE so its easy to check in and take a look at whats up for grabs etc...




Happy downloading!

Yo I would really like one Phone Post 3.0

I would like one as well please. Thanks.

Just click the link.

Visit the thread and pick one =)

There's a few ro choose from ! Phone Post

All on the front page the people with the invites are on the front page of the linked thread.

All you have to do is click on their name to PM them on which ones you want

That's all there is too it =)

I'll keep updating that front page as more come in and ones get taken etc... Phone Post

Ttt Phone Post