torrent sites- instuctional tapes?

Anyone know any tracker sites that have torrents for music instructionals especially drumming?

ex. I downloaded Zack Wylde's video "hardcore pentatonic" from suprnova. I'd love to get some stuff for drumming!

Cool. I havne' come across many instructional tapes
yet, but I'm just getting into torrents.

Have you guys checked out

Every bootleg you'll ever need.


U owe me...

u roc!

Oh man, registration is disabled. Whats on there?


All I can say is, Whoa! Thanks man!

That site has some good stuff.

Ironically, I own the Dave Weckl tapes, but I DL'd some great guitar stuff!

Thanks again!

Thanks man for Audio Farm! Picked up some good Paul Gilbert stuff and downloading Petrucci and Dimeola vids now.

Was Weckl the only drum stuff there?


sadly, I have that weckl tape. lol

Ur welcome fellas....

anything to help UG

a'right... I'm a luddite on dialup, and have no DVD burner. But if someone would grab that any Paul Gilbert or any Vinnie Moore instructionals (I have my reasons!) I'd do my best to make it worth their while in audio stuff....

OK reasons: I played classical for a long time, no idea what to do with one of those triangular pieces of plastic for the right hand still, and I think very few people have any systematic way of doing it (my favorite players all look really different with that technique; Shawn Lane is just a freak and I think he had the most physically incredible picking technique ever, but... didn't know how to teach it and I'm not sure he wasn't anatomically something other than human). Anyway, from what I've heard around, the Moore is the best instructional on this aspect of things; the Gilbert perhaps best for someone who already has pretty-good picking.

If anyone has seen these and has comments that confirm or refute this "what I've heard" stuff, I'd love to know!